The Lion's Cage

Candy’s blog seems to be coming along fine. At first she didn’t blog for days while 16 people left comments urging her to do so – making her the most popular blogger to never blog – and today she saturated her blog with about 30 entries, including this little gem

Kitta: “Putting on cat ears gives you the urge to lick yourself.”

Oh fuck, what have I unleashed?

All the years I have posted things she has said is going to come back and bite me in the ass, hard. It’s like I have strapped a slab of meat to my leg and walked into the lion’s cage, and I designed the bloody cage! I’m going to have to watch what I say around her from now on, keep my words to a minimum, make sure she’s not wearing a wire and put on a phoney accent.

Yes, that will stop the dumb shit I say from being leaked online.

8 Comments on “The Lion's Cage”

  1. Right now, your comments are opensource and anyone can bastardize them….

    There’s a better solution, and you can profit from it. Just add a licence and copyright to anything you say, then, if somebody quotes you, he/she will have to pay royalties.


  2. You might have walked into the lions cage – but i moved into the place! All of my stupid/random antics and comments are now recorded. Hell, she recorded a couple of them while i was still ranting last night! Including that stupid breast cancer entry she put in. . . . .*sigh* there will be no dignity for me anymore 🙂


  3. “It’s like I have strapped a slab of meat to my leg and walked into the lion’s cage, and I designed the bloody cage!”

    Kinda like how the Americans sold nuclear weapons to the Iraqi’s…

    Ironic isn’t it 😀


  4. Actually the Americans sold Iraq biological weapons and various other things, but not nuclear weapons. WMDs are the one thing that Iraq didn’t have. That is the sad irony.


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