Candy's 21st

Candy’s 21st pimps and bunnies themed party was last night, and oh what fun it was, Candy got drunkity, drunk drunk and I took 364 photos as evidence (and blinded everyone in the process), below are just a few of my favourites, the rest can be found on flickr.

Candy's 21st

I was a cute bunny, all night I kept checking to see if my tail was still attached, I wonder if real bunnies do that?

Candy's 21st

Yes, that is me grabbing Candy’s ass. I grabbed it as a joke, forgetting that there were about 5 cameras at the ready to capture the moment. You can thank Luke, who took the picture, for the Kitta and Candy porn.

Candy's 21st

“You want Noodlez knob don’t you?” everyone wanted Noodlez big, long, hard, pimp stick.

Candy's 21st

Candy and Sarah, aka: Bunny and Kitty. “Where’s Sarah?” “She’s in the corner purring and licking herself.”

Candy's 21st

Walking through he bar where all the regular drunks were was interesting, they gave us “am I drunk or did I really just see some hot bunnies and a few pimps walk through here?” looks.

Candy's 21st

Candy looking at her new blog,, that Phobia and I made for her as a birthday present; we spent most of the night trying to remember the log in details.

Candy's 21st

Nurse Tiffy, paging nurse Tiffy. “Kitta are you putting your hand on Tiffy’s ass?”

Candy's 21st

We went into McDonalds (as you do) and Sarah convinced the manager to let all the staff have their photo taken with us (also as you do).

Candy's 21st

While we were at Macca’s, we started talking to these people and took their picture, I told them to check out my website for the photos, so if you’re reading this, hello, and please leave a comment! 🙂

Candy's 21st

Had nothing to do with us, we swear!

Candy's 21st

“Give Noodlez his knob back or he’ll have to take you into the bathroom and strip search you.”

Candy's 21st

Candy and I are camera whores.

Candy's 21st

“My bunny ears have been on so many heads tonight, they have STBD’s”

Candy's 21st

Adam playing with sparklers, he looks a tad menacing with them.

Candy's 21st

Rumour has it that there are some videos of Candy and I dancing together out there someone, I’d just like to point out it wasn’t me, it was my evil bunny twin who looks like me.

29 Comments on “Candy's 21st

  1. Great photos!

    Everyone looks so funky in their costumes, and it was great meeting everyone 🙂

    JJ’s so nasty 😛


    Congratulations Candy!

  2. Im now somewhat mad with myself that I missed it.

    Im sure you everyone was like “wheres metao” waiting for my fashionably late entrance that was in fact so late it never happened.

    At least, thats how it went in my head.

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  4. Looks like a great time was had, glad to see you out having a good time, beautiful, I don’t think you had to worry about watching your tail, I am sure there were planty of others that were watching it for you,
    Happy birthday Candy!

  5. Heya! This is the little blonde girl from maccas! You lot looked like you were having fun and i love the pictures.. this webpage is great btw, well done! OH and hello to those of you that i met that fateful evening in Rocky… 🙂

  6. It was an awesome night. One of the best parties i’ve been to. Everyone put in a good effort dressing up so that made it all the more fun.

  7. Aw! The photos are wonderful. I didn’t realize you were a little pink bunny, which is somehow infinitely cuter than a plain white bunny. 🙂 Off to check out the rest of the images on Flickr…

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  9. Adorable! I wish I could’ve been there (I never in my life saw such a cute bunny:-p). Why do the men always get the lame costume theme. Pimp? It would’ve been funnier if you made everyone dress as bunnies. Actually, now that I think about it…not funny. Anyways, great blog.

    BTW, I just looking down the page, and saw *XAXAX* HOSTED. I think we all know what I thought that said:-p

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