Frozen Lentils

I bumped into Candy at the supermarket today; we chatted for a bit and then went our separate ways, only to meet up in the next isle…

Niktia: “I’m looking for lentils for a soup I’m making tomorrow.”
Candy: “Maybe they’re in the frozen food section?”

I’m going to be laughing about that one until I can laugh no more.

14 Comments on “Frozen Lentils”

  1. Andy, no there wouldn’t be a packet of lentils in the frozen food section because lentils are packed dry. It would be like putting peanuts in the frozen food section, there’s no point because they’re stored dry.

    Youkie, no they weren’t and never will be there.


  2. Mostly you have to soak lentils so theres no way they could be in the frozen food section.

    It always makes me chuckle when people who arnt into food try and create dishes above there station.

    I work with a girl who used the same amount of dried herbs in a fresh herbs dish, nasty stuff.


  3. hey kittles. just dropped in to see how you’ve been doing and I read some of your past entries. hehe jojo the yahoo pager saleman :p


  4. Hah! That’s pretty funny, butcha never know, you may have found some there. Also, knowing me if I’d said something that dumb I’d have gone to the freezers and planted some lentils there to prove a point.

    Oh, and I’ve visited your site for a while. Just wanna letcha know I love it!


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