Monthly Archives: October 2004


I went to the doctor again today, my throat infection is better, but my doctor thinks that I now have whooping cough. Which would explain the horrible coughing fits and why I have only been able to sleep for an hour or two during the night, I no longer sleep, I just cough and cough […]

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Not Well

Kitta is not well, not well at all. She has a terrible throat infection and hasn’t been able to talk in days. She wishes she could do a virus scan and re-install on her body and she’s not sure what’s worse: mind numbingly high temperatures or day time television.

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Agent Spears

I was looking up information on the Murdoch University website (ever noticed University websites just go round and round in circles?) when I saw a list of their new courses starting soon, and one of them caught my eye – Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism (which I’d love to link to, but in true University style […]

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