I went to the doctor again today, my throat infection is better, but my doctor thinks that I now have whooping cough. Which would explain the horrible coughing fits and why I have only been able to sleep for an hour or two during the night, I no longer sleep, I just cough and cough and cough…

If you know of anything that can help with the cough please leave a comment, I’m so exhausted. 😦

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. Whenever I get a bad cough, and it gets to that point where it kills your stomach muscles to cough, I have this habit of falling to the ground when I cough….
    Somehow it just hurts less if you are lower to the ground. (not done in public of course)


  2. Whooping cough sucks, dude, I know how you feel.

    Basically, you need high-energy stuff that will soothe the throat…. So go for things like honey tea, milo (hot and/or cold – and add honey and cinnamon!)… ice cream too, if you can handle it lactosically. Pasta is good, as you dont really need to chew it and its nice and soft to swallow.

    As for stopping the cough itself, well… thats the doctors thing (although maybe some naturopath will be able to suggest something? Personally, I stick to science.)


  3. try this::
    Get plenty of rest. A cool, quiet and dark bedroom aids in rest and recovery.
    Drink plenty of fluids. Water, juice and soups are good choices. In children, especially, watch for signs of dehydration, such as dry lips, crying without tears and infrequent urination.
    Eat smaller meals. To avoid vomiting after coughing, eat smaller, more frequent meals rather than large ones.
    Vaporize the room. Use a mist vaporizer to help soothe irritated lungs and to help loosen respiratory secretions. If you use a vaporizer, follow directions for keeping it clean. If you don’t have a vaporizer, a hot shower also can temporarily help clear the lungs and ease breathing.
    Clean the air. Keep your home free of irritants that can trigger coughing spells, such as tobacco smoke and fumes from fireplaces.

    hope your feeling much better soon


  4. Burn some dried sage leaves and let the smoke drift all over you, imagine that you are enclosed in a golden sphere and that these dark negative energies are being cleansed away from the sphere, tell the yuckiness to go away and not return. Being in the public eye so much no doubt some of their negative stuff may project on to you thus making you ill. Otherwise just tough it out the more you cough and expel that stuff from your system the faster youll recover, some honey and lime in warm water will give some relief. Be well 😀


  5. When I had bronchitis in Jr. High, my doctor gave me codeine. Killed the cough dead. Needing a prescription kind of kills the idea of just popping down to the pharmacy and picking some up, though.

    All deference to Ricky, but I might stay away from sage smoke. The smoke may irritate your lungs and exacerbate the cough. A vaporizer is a very good idea. Use it day and night.


  6. I, for one, have had the same experience as yours. I couldn’t sleep much and kept on coughing thru out the night. I couldn’t even talk or my speech would be interrupted with explosive, throat-wrecking coughs. It sucks (though I saw that my tummy was developing some six-packs because of the cough – but still, it sucks).

    But anyways, my mother taught me something that I treasured because it worked (for me, at least). She said every morning, just after waking up, go straight to the kitchen, fill up a big glass with water and drink it in one shot (that is without having to pause or break the action). I found that after 3 days, the cough subdued.

    So at any time I feel that I am going to have some throat infection that could render me having explosive coughs, I’d be sure to do this procedure.

    But of course you will have to drink ONLY plain water and avoid fritters or food that can cause your throat to itch. And don’t forget your medicine too.



  7. I’ll second the vaporizer idea. Getting some moisture into the lungs seems to help break up the nasty stuff that gets clogged up in there when you’re sick. Also, drink lots and lots of water.

    I’ve also found that taking zinc and vitamin C every day really helps to keep me from getting sick, and on the rare occasion that I do get sick, they help to curb the severity and duration of the sickness.


  8. those are a lot of good tips. I just wanna add that you don’t forget how many people are pulling for the precious kitta and that you are near and dear to our collective heart.


  9. Kitta, you need wine. And lots of it. Go white since it’ll knock you out more quickly. Make sure your desktop cam is turned off as you never know what you’ll do when drunk on a bottle (or two) of white zin.


  10. Mix yourself up a Hot Totti.. or Hot Toddy…. anyway, the names not important, but it cures everything…. and you sleep like a baby after having one…. What you do it take a shot of rum, and put it in a glass…. Then add a little sugar for taste reasons… then fill the glass to the top with water as hot as you can stand….. Then chug the entire drink back…. It tastes horrible, but it seriously will fix anything that ales you! Well, I guess it takes good if you like the taste of white rum. Anyway, trust me on this one, its worth taking.


  11. Green Tea helps me. You have to drink it straight w/out sugar or anything so its kinda bitter, but it really makes your thoat feels better afterwards.


  12. When I was in college a couple of years ago – this old guy who lived in my aparment building…coughed and coughed with the whooping cough. I come home one day and no coughing. My other neighbor said he coughed himself to death. Man did I get some good sleep’n after that!


  13. Long ago when I used to work in a Restaurant I had to work one evening with the worst sore throat ever! Nothing seemed to heal the bastard and then one of the kitchen guys made me his mother’s cure. The taste ? Not so much. The result – cleared everything away in under an hour. Recipe: Make a strong cup of HOT tea. Pour the tea into a pot and add, two tbs honey, the juice of one whole lime, and a damn big shot of whisky. Let it come to the boil then reduce and let it simmer for about five minutes. Drink it down in sips while still boiling hot. You’ll be yodeling by day break.


  14. Maple Syrup, Brandy and oil of cloves. Add boiling water, lemon/lime juice – mix. Enjoy it hot – very soothing.


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  16. Thankyou for all the advice, some of it I tried, but most I did not. Some of you recommended alcohol, which would probably be the last thing I’d want to try, I can hardly keep lemonade down at times and I wouldn’t even want to contemplate alcohol.

    X, that’s horrible, why didn’t you check to see if he needed help or medical attention? You didn’t mention if he was alone or not, but if he was he alone he was probably very scared.


  17. Well Kitta-roo when you boil the whiskey all the alcohol evaporates, but I can understand that if your feeling sickly to begin with the thought of the taste could make you feel sort of gaggy. 😦


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