Not Well

Kitta is not well, not well at all. She has a terrible throat infection and hasn’t been able to talk in days. She wishes she could do a virus scan and re-install on her body and she’s not sure what’s worse: mind numbingly high temperatures or day time television.

35 Comments on “Not Well”

  1. hey kitta… get well soon! sorry to hear that ure ill .. i had a something similar for a week .. 😦 but get lots of sleep and water .. and im sure u’ll recover soon enough!! <33 take care babes. 🙂


  2. Get well soon Kitta chicken!!
    I was gonna write something like: “Well if you will keep experrimenting with (such-and-such-a-bacteria) then you’re asking for trouble!”

    …But I couldn’t think of which particular strain of the “such-and-such” bacteria to put in so I haven’t… See, cuz I was up til 4:30am playing Fable and now all I see is Hobbes and Traders and Bandits oh my!!

    Det well shoon, very shoon Kashner, Nikita Kashner hehe… 🙂


  3. Hey, first of all I wish you well and a speedy recovery 😀 I wanted to say I really like the necklace on your desktop pic, looks like this mysterious amulet. so yeah I was gonna ask have you ever considered making ncklaces for guys using stuff like bones, claws, fangs and shark teeth etc? All collected from humae sources of course like found on the beach or whatever, can that stuff be commercially purchased too?


  4. mmmm, heat!!! Send some of that up North if you don’t mind?!?! I’ve got a sore throat right now too coincidently, however I’m assuming for the fact that you can’t talk and that you are sick enough to compare day time television is soring heat, that you’re throat infection is much, much worse. If it doesn’t get better, I’ll donate my throat to you, we can do a switch….. Then atleast you could talk!


  5. Sorry to hear that Kitta is crook… er sorry, unwell, and having to write in the third person.

    I’m sure some of the clever people here will be able to send her an updated anti-virus to help her fight off the infection.

    No worries, she’ll be right.


  6. Hey Kitta. Hope you get well soon. I have a minor throat infection as well 🙂 …and then once you’re better you can show us your new jewellery creations!


  7. Bonjour ma puce,

    Sorry you got ill. It seems it’s often 😦

    Hope you’ll be much better very soon 🙂

    I’ve been following your adventures for a while now. You’re quit nice and sweetie and funny.
    So come back “pepsi” like.



  8. Malach, I’m not sure if I should laugh or ban you.

    Keith, the monkey buggered off days ago, mumbling some about Vegas and not wanting to catch this virus. That little red bastard.

    Ella, so true, I’m having nightmares about judge Judy.

    Ricky, I have considered it, but it’s quite had to find materials that guys like. I will keep a look out though.

    Jerm, I lived pretty much on ice cubes for two days, I couldn’t eat or drink anything.

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone, I’m slowly getting better, but I still have a terrible cough and high temp that’s keeping me up at night. 😕


  9. Hey Kitta,
    …’sup? hehe…
    Okay ok, so I just came on to test the smilies! So bite me! 🙂
    …Or not, cuz well you’re sick already 😛

    Get better soon! xxx


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