I pulled open the door and walked into the computer store, there was a line so I waited behind two guys in front of me while they talked to the sales dude behind the counter. The two guys were clearly looking for a new computer, all the classic signs were there; one hand was clutching a ton of brochures, while the other hand massaged a growing headache. The conversation went like this…

Guy #1: “Does it come with speakers?”
Sales Dude: “Yes it does.”
Guy #2: “Can I run it through my stereo?”
Sales Dude: “Yes you can.”
Guy #1: “I heard it can mess up the stereo if you do that…”
Sales Dude, trying his best not to laugh: “Umm, no.”

The guys look at each other, nodding in acceptance of the information they just received. “Ok, we’ll think about it and get back to you” they say, to which the sales dude replies “Cool”. They were just about to leave the store to contemplate speaker options when one of the shiny skyhawk cases caught guy #2’s eye.

Guy #2: “Whoa. Check that out! It has a window and lights!”
Guy #1, in a trance from the lights: “Oooooooo.”
Guy #2: “Does it come with that?”
Sales Dude: “No it doesn’t, you’ll have to pay more for that case.”

More nodding.

When they finally leave, I walk up to the counter smile, laugh and exchange ‘they have no bloody idea’ look with the sales dude.

24 Comments on “Nodding”

  1. Yeah, that kind of stuff happens all the time. When I used to work at OfficeMax, I had to deal with it on a daily basis (as the computer guy).

    As Alkam brought up, you wonder if that is how politicians act at defense meetings.


  2. I wanted to buy a stick of ram for a friend’s computer that I’m upgrading, but they didn’t have any. I already upgraded a few months ago, but swapped my Athlon XP 2500 for a 2600 today (friends computer has the 2500 now).


  3. damn i saw one of those cases at Austin Computers in Osborne Park .. i like the Thermaltake one better though i can mod the hell out of it .. bump into a few of those ppl at computer stores everywhere lol pretty funny nonetheless.


  4. I’m too poor at the minute for a coolermaster case, I’m just gonna get a Chenbro or Sunbeam Samurai case… Not sure yet.
    Hehe the jump from a PII 350mhz to a 2.4Ghz Machine is gonna be pretty exciting lol

    What a sad lonely life I must lead hehe…


  5. I’d love a Lian Li, but they’re too bloody expensive. I’m thinking of getting a Coolermaster Praetorian, I have the money for it, but I haven’t had time to look around and order it. Does anyone know of any places selling them in Perth? I’d rather not pay for shipping from the eastern states. :

    Damn Loddy, that will be a jump.


  6. Kitta, loving your site. Have enjoyed it for quite some time now. Figured it was about time I commented and let you know that. Looking forward to much more in the future.


  7. I didn’t know that you guys also talked about computers and hardware. Thats interesting. Does any of you game ? I mean FPS PC games like UT HL CS CZ P-IGI P-IGI-2 TC-R6-SC etc. ? I am planning to buy a second system and wanted some good opinion as to what kind of a monitor would be good for gaming experience ? A LCD or a normal one ?


  8. TO: KITTA, hehe… I can’t wait to power my new machine up 🙂 2 Months and I will “have the power” lol

    TO: KRIS, Actually my PII 350 runs damn well too, I can work on photoshop, dreamweaver, Broadband and have winamp playing and it STILL doesn’t complain and now I also have it running HYDRAVISION!

    But let’s face it… It’d be a darn sight easier with alot more juice 🙂


  9. Hehe, Kitta I was just looking at the Lian Li cases lol…
    I’d love the black V1100 but yeah… maybe next year…
    Right now we both have eyes bigger than our balances 🙂


  10. Emerald, about hardware.

    Sorceror, CRT’s are better for gaming than LCD’s, although, LCD’s are better for Lans because they don’t weigh a ton. Look for an LCD with a low response rate, about 12ms or 16ms, and check out reviews on models before you buy.


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