Agent Spears

I was looking up information on the Murdoch University website (ever noticed University websites just go round and round in circles?) when I saw a list of their new courses starting soon, and one of them caught my eye – Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism (which I’d love to link to, but in true University style their site is going up and down like a $5 hooker). Clearly, terrorism is such a hot topic that teaching organisations are now providing courses on security, terrorism and counterterrorism.

“This course provides students with a critical understanding of the nature of security, terrorism and counterterrorism measures in Australia and other parts of the world. It defines security broadly to incorporate the protection of individuals and their values, norms, rules, institutions and property from military and non-military threats. It explains terrorism as a threat to security, but suggests a multiple approach to the ‘war on terror’, involving diplomacy, development, capacity building and military force.”

The unit ‘Spies, Saboteurs and Secret Agents’ intrigues me the most. I can just imagine how one of the classes would go…

Teacher: Now class today I am going to show you a slideshow of some of the worlds top spies, you can all learn a lot from them, so please do pay attention…
Teacher: Here we have Bond, James Bond. Known for being the only man who can save the world, get the girl, drink quite a bit and not get his clothes dirty or wrinkled in the process.
Teacher: Next we have the shagadelic Austin Powers, he combines 60’s style and jokes about shagging into all his work. It is not known if these are tactics, or if he really is like that.

A picture of a naked Britney Spears appears on the screen. The students laugh and someone can be heard whispering “now that’s my kind of spy!”

Teacher: And here we have… OH MY! She’s not a spy, not a spy at all.
Teacher: Ok, who was the smart ass who put that in there? This is serious you know, we are trying to learn about Spies, Saboteurs and Secret Agents!
Teacher: Now, where was I, oh yes, Spy Kids…

21 Comments on “Agent Spears”

  1. Ò€œThis course provides students with a critical understanding of the nature of security, terrorism and counterterrorism measures..”

    Surely this is a great way to train terrorists? πŸ™‚


  2. whats so bad about turning into america? πŸ˜› not everything american orientated or related etc. is bad. its all media.


  3. wow… how sad. Is american paranoia really spreading like that? I sure hope all our nerves start to calm down once we’ve kicked that bush dude out of office.
    By the way, it’s Bond. James Bond.


  4. I took a class on terrorism at the esteemed Boise State University. This was in the fall of ’99 (before 9/11, even).

    It was actually quite good (taught by the Dean of the Honors College).

    I recommend taking a similar class if you get a chance.


  5. Katy, no I don’t know where she is. Last time I heard from her was last August when she emailed me, I haven’t heard from her since then. 😦 I miss my sweet T.


  6. I’m no huge Bond fan either… then again, I’m no small Bond fan for that matter. I’ve watched the Pierce Brosman (sp?) Bond movies, but I’m too lazy to watch any of the older ones…. Heck, I’m just happy I got a mention in your reply! πŸ˜€ haha… it made my day know a celebrity read my words!


  7. Hey Kitta nice site =) Im from aussie land too, in sydney! And yeh wow you know Theresa too? ive been wondering myself where shes gone, if she has a new website or something. I use to like visiting her site alot..oh wells.


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