Ho, Ho, Holdup

As an intuitive reader of my site, you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in over a month. Which is about four months in blog world. Some of you may have even emailed me, questioning if I was…

  1. Dead
  2. A zombie
  3. Joined a cult
  4. Killed by one of the people using my photos on profiles sites so they could use my skin during a date to be me in reality

It warms my heart that you all care for my well being and skin. It really does.

Don’t worry. The last time I checked I wasn’t dead, and given my undead state, I cannot possibly be a zombie. I’m also not into drinking the koolaid before flying into a volcano with Tom Cruise, and given the current state of scientific and medical advancements, there is no way the skin trick could work.

The main reason I haven’t blogged is because my website was moved to a different server, which resulted in some downtime and instability. It’s all fixed now thanks to the glorious people at Contrast Hosting.

The other reason, which many of you can associate with at this time of year, is that I have been busy. Busy buying meaningful presents on a limited budget, catching up with friends, wrapping my families presents because they’re too inept to do so themselves, seeing friends off at the airport, sorting and replying to over 600 emails residing in my inbox, stopping Bruce from trying to commit suicide again, dealing with family members who decide to get back together instead of divorcing, eBaying my possessions for money to pay bills, convincing the boyfriend not to buy another car because he has a perfectly good car, sorting out my study plans for next year, trying to stop everyone from feeding the dog fries when they know that I have her on a diet, learning to drive, re-designing this blog, trying to find the perfect cuban heel seamed stocking that matches my skin tone, playing xbox on my shiny new LCD TV that the boyfriend gave me for christmas, and trying to reset my sleeping pattern which has slowly dilapidated after illness and stress.

Updates will recommence shortly. Until then, follow me on Twitter for daily updates.

10 Comments on “Ho, Ho, Holdup”

  1. Oh finally !

    At last i can relax and finally enjoy Christmas without worrying about the possibility that my little antipodean distraction has run off with Elvis, or that she’s swallowed her light sabre and is waiting for it to pass!

    Hey hang on a minute?
    How do we know this is you and not the little red one? He could be executing his master plan to do away with the worlds most beautiful women via the dating agency’s?

    Merry xmas Kitta

    Glad to have you back honey



  2. yeah, i remember the days of regular blogging Kitta. I hate it when people feed stupid food to my dog too – SOOO frustrating.

    Hope you had a good Christmas.

    Also, you may be interested in a 20-something-bloggers group that we have happening online. We have about 340 members and it’s a great little community (plus they have some awards coming up that I think you could kick ass in). hope you check it out http://20somethings.ning.com/



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