Wrongfully Single

Another day, another person stealing my photos and posting them on a dating website.


This time, it’s a dating advert on Craigslist, entitled “Beautiful Girl Needs Someone!”

At least this time I’m not into group relationships or grannies. This time, I desire quiet evenings in front of the fire cuddling and watching a movie, I lust after someone who will go on a bike with me and allow me to cook a real meal for them. I’m not sure what I mean by ‘real meal’, possibly I was into imagining food at some point, and have since moved onto real food.

“I enjoy having a good time am told that I am a lot of fun to be with. I like to be spontaneous and spur of the moment is ok with me. I like to do crazy funny things.. Yet, I also like quiet evenings in front of the fire cuddling and watching a movie. Would like to meet someone of same interests, Someone to go on the bike with, someone to cook a real meal for, someone to just spend time with and hang out and talk with.”

I’m sure the flock peeps will love the free publicity. Myself, on the other hand, hope that I don’t have to post an entry entitled ‘wrongfully engaged’ after a reader emails me about my photos being used on a Russian mail order bride website.

Thanks goes out to a secret ninja, who prefers to remain stealthy unknown, that emailed me about the Craigslist advert. I shall sleep sound at night knowing there are ninjas in the world protecting the internets.

23 Comments on “Wrongfully Single”

  1. You realize after the first entry that your going to end up with 100 fanboy copy cats putting you on another 100 dating sights in the hopes they get a mention lol. ❤


  2. Well, this explains why it’s never you that shows up when we arrange a date together and why you accidentally said “Call me Gary” that one time.


  3. What??? And I was just about ready to get my new printer out and start scanning pictures to post. This is including putting a pic up of me on my new blog and twitter! Might have to re-think that now……..Okay, I’ve thought about it and have decided just to put something boring and black and white up.


  4. Just so that you know… if you don’t already…
    I think someone stole your identity. Or your pictures anyway.

    Look on facebook: Elizabeth Ann Murray.

    Someone I know told that person that they’d discovered this and it looks like the profile may have been deleted. aaaargh. I was hoping we could tell you first so you could totally lay into them.
    Unless it was you. in disguise.


  5. Wow!
    That’s wrong, of course, of them to take your pictures.
    But, I wonder what kind of surprise they had in store for the people they lured with your picture. Hopefully just an encounter with a less attractive woman 😦


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