Monthly Archives: November 2007

Wrongfully Single

Another day, another person stealing my photos and posting them on a dating website. This time, it’s a dating advert on Craigslist, entitled “Beautiful Girl Needs Someone!” At least this time I’m not into group relationships or grannies. This time, I desire quiet evenings in front of the fire cuddling and watching a movie, I […]

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Wrongfully Gay

Apparently, I’m a 5'6" lesbian living in the UK, looking for 18 to 99 year old single gay woman, female gay couples and groups for a relationship or 1-on-1 sex. I work in the media and have a rather average bust. Above all, I’m looking for honesty. That is what a profile on says. […]

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What Women Want

I was perusing my postal vote ballet paper for the 2007 Australian federal election today, and one party caught my eye, as I’m sure it will do so with other postal voters and the rest of Australia on election day… There is a party called ‘What Women Want’ in this years election. First thing that […]

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