What Women Want

I was perusing my postal vote ballet paper for the 2007 Australian federal election today, and one party caught my eye, as I’m sure it will do so with other postal voters and the rest of Australia on election day…

Postal Vote

There is a party called ‘What Women Want’ in this years election.

First thing that came to mind was Mel Gibson waxing his legs while drunk in the aptly named movie. Then I started to ponder their policies…

  • Free tampons.
  • Laws against partners coming home later than 1am after drinks with the boys.
  • Chocolate and red wine added to the PBS.
  • Tax free shoes.
  • Low interest home loans for any guy that builds a girl a house like in The Notebook.
  • Paid toil days for that time of the month.
  • Emergency manicure and pedicure treatments on Medicare.
  • Support line for women who think they are fat/ugly/alone/lacking chocolate/etc, that is operated by caring gay men that have obtained Cert III in Gay Caring For Premenstrual Women from TAFE.

And yes, I am aware that by making these jokes about women – and their wants – I’m setting us back ten years, but they started it by naming their party ‘What Women Want.’

Postal Vote

As always, first party to buy me an LCD HDTV will win my vote.

9 Comments on “What Women Want”

  1. Given how corrupt politicians are 😛 I bet you get your TV. Also What Women Want is the money the government pays you for running your own party lol imagine the shoes!


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