Varekai and Sabastian

Last weekend the boyfriend and I went to see Cirque Du Soleil perform Varekai at The Esplanade in Perth. We stayed in a five star hotel and I took photos of everything in sight with my new pink Nokia N73 phone, including the Cirque Du Soleil stage area, which I was scolded for by a staff member in record time of under a minute…

Cirque Du Soleil
Cirque Du Soleil
Cirque Du Soleil

While I was in the city, we took Sabastian – my abused MacBook that I dropped a week ago – into an Apple authorized service centre for a repair quote. He’s now being looked at by a MacDoctor and I expect a full report of his injuries sometime this week. Luckily, I have $2000 specified item insurance for him, all repairs will be covered by insurance, and if the unlikely chance that I have caused major damage, they will happily replace him. The boyfriend joked that we should have beat him up a bit more, threw him hurling down a flight of stairs, then major damage would be caused and they would exchange my crumpled mess of a laptop for a brand spanking new one. While it’s a lovely thought to ponder – a brand new upgraded MacBook to rival my troublesome 1st gen Macbook, that only a month ago was in for service due to staining problems – the thought is dashed by fears that Apple employees would call social services, place all my Mac products in foster care and make me attend Mac training seminars.

For those of you wondering, and others possibly constructing a rant filled comment as you read this; I do back-up. I have roughly 95% of my MacBook’s HDD backed-up. A few recent items were lost from that week, such as my assignments, tabs/bookmarks open/saved in Firefox, and a handful of videos from my pirate themed birthday party. Everything else is safe and sound on my external HDD. It’s a pity that I didn’t back-up the rest. C’est la vie 2.0.

One good thing did emerge out of it all…

Cirque Du Soleil

Momma’s got a shiny new keyboard for her MacMini!

6 Comments on “Varekai and Sabastian”

  1. I’ve dropped my macbook pro accidentally twice (on carpet) with no damage. However, about two weeks ago a bunch of dead pixels started popping up so I have to send it back to Apple to have it fixed. If they can’t remedy the problem I get a new Macbook. I secretly hope they can’t fix it, haha.


  2. OooOoooh! Mac things always make my heart go pitter-patter – that’s a very pretty new keyboard. I’ve often wondered if Mac would put me through Macparenting classes since I’m forever letting my kitty sleep on my MBP’s keyboard. I can’t help it, though – he gives me that special sappy look and I melt. ,o)

    By the by, that’s a gorgeous dress!


  3. I wonder if gravity has it’s own laws down under. Must be kind of hard for you to keep both feet on the ground. I assume you get spammed with love-letters, (indecent) proposals and stuff…

    You are a gorgeous woman! Love participating in your life now and then, thanks for sharing, I admire that kind of openness. It cheers me up every now and then.
    (I too admire your legs – and i envy your boyfriend. all of them in a platonic way.)


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