If you accidentally drop your MacBook onto a tiled floor – and you don’t suffer a heart attack or shock – upon inspection you may find it seems to work perfectly fine, not even a dent or shutdown. But be aware, before you go back to icanhascheezburger.com, BACK THE FUCKING SHIT UP, as it may still fail later leaving you minus two major uni assignments and plus a huge amount of stress. You will also be shocked to find yourself mourning a HDD.

More details will emerge when I stop pulling out my hair.

8 Comments on “Warning”

  1. Sympathise with you 🙂
    my 2 week old 320GB hdd just died….dead, flat, still, zero, zilch, nothing :S
    Half the shit on there, wasn’t baked up 😥
    So yeah….but I didn’t drop it….oopz


  2. I cannot stress how important backing up is. Having at least a weekly backup (a nightly though is much better) is extremely important.

    When you have important papers, e-mailing copies to another e-mail account (such as a gmail one or your school account) is definitely a lifesaver.


  3. Yet another post, reminding us all how important good backup is … even more true for laptop users, who tend to be a bit more brutal with their gear.

    Hope your favourite gadget recovers soon Kitta.


  4. Back in the good old days, three months ago, when I was writing my dissertation I would e-mail myself my dissertation every time I saved the file. As a result there was less chance of losing too much in a single go.

    Upon saying that though, I would hate to drop my own laptop onto a tiled floor.

    I have had video hard drives crash on many more than once on a single assignment and understand the feeling of loss that you are currently experiencing.

    Good luck with recuperating the work.


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