Welcome Back Mac

After two and a half weeks my MacBook, Sabastian, is finally back from the Apple service centre.

They replaced his heat-sink and installed the firmware update, and since his return he has not suffered from the dreaded random shutdown. Since both the firmware and the new heat-sink were installed at the same time I have no idea which one worked. A combined effort, Captain Planet style, seems to have fixed the problems that was causing the RSS and I am happy that I no longer have to go through the daily shutdown routine, wherein I would swear a lot and fear the successive start-up sound.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who emailed me concerned and who expressed their thoughts on the issue, and to those who commented about the firmware update, yes, I have known about the update since the day it came out, but it was impossible for me to to download and install the update as my MacBook was at the Apple service centre. I could have tried telepathy via wifi, but I doubt my brain is compatible and it’s far too expensive to upgrade my brain.

Incidentally, I am now the in the top ten search result on Google for ‘macbook RSS’, this is a first for me, as I am normally in the top search results for a swear word or a shock site that I used in retaliation. The videos I uploaded to my YouTube account have also had far too many views for what they are, and one would think they were pterodactyl porn or such (I am so going to be a top search result for pterodactyl porn now).

I was telling my mother about it recently, how I blogged about the RSS that afflicted my Macbook and how I am now in the top Google search results for ‘macbook rss’, she turned to me with a concerned looked on her face and said “you can’t get in trouble for that, can you?” I laughed, thinking she was being sarcastic and when she didn’t reciprocate I questioned her reasoning, “what are apple going to do, sue me for saying they’re products are faulty when they have acknowledged the fault?” I said, she replied with a poignant “yes.” I was amused, “where did you learn about the law? Willy Wonka’s school of Wacky Law?” I said sarcastically, “no McDonald’s” she retorted and then mumbled “big companies… big money… sue people… little people”.

Fight the man, mother. Fight the man.

7 Comments on “Welcome Back Mac”

  1. Welcome back Sebastian!

    Digilife called me yesterday that they’ve recieved the parts, but I don’t have time to bring it in till next week, I’m going away for a long weekend!

    Ahhh, Captian Planet… he’s my hero, gonna take pollution down to zero………


  2. Welcome Kitta among us ,now ! Idon’t realy understand all what you write but i’m really happy for you and I congratulate the hazard that make you the top of google search ,although you are well worth …You are so full of irony when it’s necessary !! I like your way of thinking and saying!


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