Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Adventures Of Bruce

Yesterday I was cleaning Bruce’s tank. I have a procedure for changing the water that involves two containers and a net to catch him. I fill one up with new water, then use the other to put the old water in and scoop him out into the new one. It’s a process that worked well. […]

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Objectionable Object

When I asked my Flickr audience to guess the object below, the best guess about it’s origin was as follows… “An abstract depiction of the depression, suffering and humiliation suffered by the victims of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima?” My soon to be ex-stepmother makes these objects and gives them out to unsuspecting people as […]

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Varekai and Sabastian

Last weekend the boyfriend and I went to see Cirque Du Soleil perform Varekai at The Esplanade in Perth. We stayed in a five star hotel and I took photos of everything in sight with my new pink Nokia N73 phone, including the Cirque Du Soleil stage area, which I was scolded for by a […]

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