Monthly Archives: July 2007

Impending birthday

I will be turning 23 years old on August 2nd, a pirate themed birthday party is in the making to celebrate, yarr, and my friends and family have started enquiring about my desires in the present department. I have a feeling that my mother will be giving me a Nintendo DS Lite because, well, I […]

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Blogiversary 5.0

Today is my Blogiversary, I have been blogging at for five years. Some would say it’s a milestone to have been around since BS (before spam) and 0.71, but in the days leading up to this milestone WordPress started randomly switching back to it’s default layout. I think I have fixed it, I say […]

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The boyfriend has a cold. And in true man style he is being ranty, cute, sinffly and calling me “pookie wookie smookie wookums” while I keep telling him to take Panadol every six hours. We were watching Family Guy, the episode with a leprechaun on the board of a smoking conversation, so he had to […]

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