The boyfriend has a cold. And in true man style he is being ranty, cute, sinffly and calling me “pookie wookie smookie wookums” while I keep telling him to take Panadol every six hours. We were watching Family Guy, the episode with a leprechaun on the board of a smoking conversation, so he had to ask…

“Sweetie, can we get a leprechaun?”

“No” I replied, as I have many times before when he asked if he can have a penguin and keep it in the bath tub.

A few seconds after I turned down his request, I remembered another leprechaun related issue…

“Some guy is hot linking to an image on my server from his Myspace profile. I wanted to teach him a lesson, and as I was looking for some suitable porn to replace the image with, I found cgi leprechaun porn.”

“That’s some good porn,” he said with a laugh after I showed him the images.

“If we can’t get a leprechaun… can we get a dishwasher?”


For those of you interested in how my devious retaliation plan turned out, you may want to check out the guy who has lovely leprechaun porn as the background on his Myspace profile, and for archival purposes, here is a screen shot for when he realises hot linking is not cool.

14 Comments on “Leprechauns”

  1. It shows he’s loggon on today. So either he likes the porn, or he’s an idiot. Or both.

    I have a big annoying flashing image I use. If they don’t get the hint after a day or two: goatse. That gets them to react right away.


  2. It says he’s online right now!! Probably wont know about it, till he goes to change his profile or his friends tell him!


  3. Checked out the link – Holy crap that is NASTY. He wears a hat and Humphrey B Bear’s vest. Love your site have read it for some time and I have just put a link on my Blog and please, if that some how offends or flames or whatever just tell me to remove it. Everything I have stated has been a fact.


  4. Ha that was funny and nasty at the same time. It’s been a while since I visited your site but for some reason the URl poped into my mind today. I guess it’s Kitta day or something. The most likely reason to why I haven’t visited so often anymore is because I mostly write in Swedish nowdays… Then again my English site was never as funny as yours 😉

    have a perfetct day

    PS I truly hope your BF get that dishwasher!


  5. *My eyes!*

    That’s seriously funny. Ummm…like the poster above, I also have a link to your blog in my “Blogs I Read” column on blogger. If you want me to delete it, I will….just please don’t wallpaper me with leprechaun porn (or worse….is there anything worse than that?)


  6. As of August the man has not changed the background. I believe he likes it. Or he is so intensely clueless that he took it like “a thing that happened”.


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