Blogiversary 5.0

Today is my Blogiversary, I have been blogging at for five years. Some would say it’s a milestone to have been around since BS (before spam) and 0.71, but in the days leading up to this milestone WordPress started randomly switching back to it’s default layout. I think I have fixed it, I say ‘think’ because every other time I thought it was fixed the switching soon returned. For now, it seems to have stopped being a theme switching zombie.

Five years…
I wonder if five blog years is the equivalent to fifteen human years, and the theme switching is the emerge of an emo blogeenager of doom. Unbeknownst to me, my blog is planning to have a party on my server when I’m away – It will invite all the cool dotcom’s, trash the root directory and some drunk site will throw up on the backups after drinking the beer that brought. Then my blog will ping drunk around the net with it’s friends until 4am, knocking over inboxes left and right, and DOSing the crazy cat ladies blog. To cap off the night, it’ll hear from that totally doesn’t want to take it to the bloggies, and start blogging about the black abyss that is its blog soul.

Alas, I am the admin, and once I login my blog will totally be grounded from trackbacking and be made to dump the cache every morning until it shows some respect.

16 Comments on “Blogiversary 5.0”

  1. Bwahahaha! I loved this entry. And you should have seen how excited I was to be mentioned. Hee! Happy blogiversary, Kitta. ๐Ÿ˜€ My domain would TOTALLY come to your domain’s party and do drunken Flickring it would later regret, and gossip about what all the hot WordPress sites are dressed in this year, and how any other site would be lucky to take you to the bloggies, because– come on– you sit at the popular Technorati table at lunch, and your CSS is SO HOT, and if the other domains don’t recognize that, then it’s their loss.

    — Yeah, I can run with ideas too. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Yeah! Happy Blirthday (Blog Birthday) !

    Your blog layout is still excellent and it’s still a good place to read interesting posts.

    And frankly, I’ve chosen WordPress too thanks to you and have no regret whatsoever.



  3. Hi ,when I went there ,I realise that I go on your blog since almost 5 years !! shit !! the time is going fast !
    Congratulations and keep continue in the same way ,I do’nt understand the totality of what you write but I’m still glad.
    Than’ks Kitta


  4. yay ur blogiversary is the same as my birthday! 5 years into it – yeah mebe you need to look at how your monthly archive links are displayed … gettin a bit long!


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