Spoiltopia and Beyond

I have been quite busy lately; killing zombies with buckets, racing cars at absurd speeds, kicking little Asian girls asses in surreal tropical surroundings and sneaking up on rats in deep dark caverns.


As you can see in the above picture, I am now the proud owner of an Xbox 360, it was given to me by the loving boyfriend, Matt, as a Christmas present. Also, you should note that my nails are very long, very real, and very pink. I can officially say that I am spoilt, beyond spoilt in fact, it’s my belief that I’m in another universe of spoilt. I resemble the sun commanding the other planets of Spoiltopia to yield to their allocated courses or succumb to being flung into oblivion. Matt disputes the nirvana of Spoitopia. His argument is that he loves spoiling me and that I should enjoy it, so I shall.

Xavier is the name I have given my shiny new Xbox 360 (I name everything with a HDD) and we have become great friends. Alas, my friends and family have informed me that it was time to come up for air and catch up on email, blogging and life before everyone thought I had died of food poisoning or a firework gone awry.

Christmas was extremely hot, and also very peculiar given that Candy was not present on the day, she flew out to San Francisco on December 17th for a holiday. On Christmas Eve I took Matt to meet my extended family. He still has all limbs attached so one could say it went particularly well. We slept in late on Christmas day and enjoyed a late lunch consisting of turkey, ham, roast vegetables and all the trimmings. My mother cut into the turkey while it was upside down and became concerned when she found no meat, she was relived when I flipped it back over to show bountiful amounts of turkey meat. I received a Fantasy perfume gift pack and Lost box set from my mother, a Palmer’s body butter pack and Body Shop goodies from my grandmother, ‘Next’ by Michael Crichton from my brother, a Dymocks gift card from Matt’s parents and I am still awaiting the arrival of a present from a friend overseas. I am amazed at the sheer amount of thoughtful presents I received for Christmas.

New Years Eve was our first anniversary. We decided that due to the heat we would spend it having a roast dinner and watching some movies. We missed SoaP when it was out in the cinemas and had been anxious to see all the snakey plane action. Matt gave me gay porn and love cuffs, that are not intended for children under three years, as an anniversary gift.

My new years resolution is simple: finish my bloody re-design before my current design becomes mouldy and decayed.

8 Comments on “Spoiltopia and Beyond”

  1. Congrats on the 360. I’ve had mine for about 6 months now. I’m loving Gears of War and it’s taking all my time away from Oblivion. My 360 is named Iceman. All my computers are named after X-men.

    Quick question, on your latest desktop screen capture, what program is that running on the bottom of the screen? Thanks.


  2. Michael, I’ve ordered GoW online and I’m waiting for it to be shipped. Playing Oblivion, PGR3 and DoA4 in the meantime.

    The program on the bottom of my desktop is Stattoo, a nifty little app that displays all sorts of information.

    Ange, kids these days. In my day we would play house, nowadays they play dominatrix.


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