Kitta Version 2.2 Alpha.

Today, I turned 22 human years old. That makes me Kitta – Version 2.2 Alpha.

It been a good day and week, but also, a sad week because yesterday was the anniversary of my grandfathers death (we’re planning on going to visit his grave this week). 😦

I was given some thoughtful and useful birthday presents by family and loved ones; A 1gb flash drive and money from my grandmother, a beautiful silver jewellery box and money from my mother, a midget Mexican that came in a El Maco meal from my brother (not really, but how cool would that be). One present that I seriously didn’t expect, and still haven’t gotten used to the fact I was given it, is this…


Yep. A MacBook.


A bloody Mac-fucking-book.



It was given to me by my loving, wonderful, amazing, [insert more ass kissing here] boyfriend Matt. He came over and presented me with two boxes wrapped in animal print paper, one was large and square and the other small and rectangular, he told me to open the latter first, I opened it and saw that it was a wireless access point. I thought ‘wireless, why the hell would he give me this?’ and proclaimed my thoughts in a confused tone, “wireless?” he smiled and said to open the larger box. I did as I was told and tore off a strip off the wrapping paper, enough to expose the pristine white box with ‘MacBook’ embossed on the front. My jaw dropped. I sat there not moving and staring at the box. I looked at Matt, then back at the box, back at Matt… Box. Matt. Box. Matt. Like eyeball pong. My brain finally connected the dots and I exclaimed, “you got me a MacBook!?” he replied with a simple “yep” and a nod. Again, for clarification purposes, I asked slowly “You. Got. Me. A. MacBook?!?” he responded with a laugh. I gently placed the box down – still only with a sliver of wrapping paper torn off to expose what was inside – and got up to give Matt a hug. I then went back and finished un-wrapping my present. I opened it up and I could not contain my excitement, I hugged him a few more times as he set-up the wireless, something which I was unable to do, for I was far too busy looking at it’s shininess and saying “a fucking MacBook” to myself.

I was in a Mac induced state and loved it.

I showed my mother my shiny new baby and the first thing she did was whisper harshly to me, “how much did that cost?!” and I ignored her because I was busy licking my Mac and introducing it to my iPod, my mother then looked at Matt and said his name, as if to scold him for spending so much money on me. Meanwhile I was in the background cuddling my new baby, telling it that we were going to be the bestest of best friends and from now on it was the only computer that owned my heart.

I should have know, Matt kept making jokes that he was going to give me a apple for my birthday, I simply took it as him being a tease and disregarded it. I had no idea. He said that my face when I opened it was classic. I named my shiny new MacBook Sabastian, mainly because I like the name, but also because I can make sexual innuendoes when Sabastian interfaces with my iPod Tatiana (oh yeah, they share their data hard, baby.)

I am planning to go out this weekend to celebrate with friends; see a movie, take some photos, eat Macca’s. Here’s to being one year old and one year wiser!

Note: Yes, I do realise that I now have to increase my age in the sidebar and colophon to 22 – someone already informed me at 12:00:01am – I shall change it later today.

44 Comments on “Kitta Version 2.2 Alpha.”

  1. happy birthday (i’m just a week older than you πŸ™‚ )!!!
    and nice present, apple rules!!!
    (and why arent you posting like you used to?? i read your blog for like 2 years (yeah, i dont comment that much, or at all) and i always liked what you write)

    big kiss and all the happiness in the world for you,


  2. nice fucking mac book. first internet post ever. i today found out that super shadow was fake, totally crushed and feling stupid… yea im fuckin retarded. dont really know why im typing here, maybe outta bordom or sheer curiosity. i see these stupid meessage boards all the time and think, who has time to type on these fucking things? now i find myself with a sec free and bored, typing. all my empirialistic cousins across the pond might think, ugh, another “bloody yank”. hehe. i love that yall say “bloody”. all that shit. oh yea, another question kitta, to end a bet with my amigo over here in New York- why do yall have the Queen Mother on your fuckin cash? he says cause australia is a colony, but i said yall were a soveriegn nation and all. set him right and tell me why, please. i


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTA! πŸ˜€ I seriously can’t believe you got a MacBook. What a wonderful guy– and how much better is that than a dozen roses? Technology pwns romance. Heh.


  4. happy birthday, kitta. i’m new but i sorta always read your posts. my guy also just had a birthday. but unlike matt, i just gave him iPod and the case. [giggling]. well, i can’t afford apple just for give away (yet). but sure i have same love like matt.

    if you’re going to indonesia (especially jakarta), just contact me at [deleted]

    nice knowing u, girl
    (with lil envy on mac book)


  5. First of all I wanted to ask: is there a changelog for this release? And when is the Beta version released?
    Bit late, but happy birthday ^^


  6. Happy Birthday Kitta.. I hope you’re enjoying the new Macbook. They’re bloody sexy heh? By the way, if you ever decide to break up with Matt, would you mind if I had his number? OK, he might not be too keen on the idea of being another blokes tech-sugar-daddy at first, but I’m sure it’s nothing a quick trip to Thailand hospital and a lot of hard-drinking couldn’t overcome.

    Oh, check out Textmate, it’s $65 but it’s the best editor I’ve found for the mac.


  7. happy birthday Kitta!! Awesome you got a macbook before I did πŸ˜€ !
    It’s oh so exxy lookin and yummy.

    too much love and green with envy,


  8. Yeah, happy birthday πŸ™‚

    As a birthday present, my last girlfriend gave me a CD of ‘The New York Philharmonic plays ABBA’s greatest hits’. That totally sucked. If she’d given me a brand new computer on the other hand, we would probably still be together.

    The moral of the story? Those people who say money can’t buy love obviously aren’t trying hard enough – or they tried to woo their beloved with a Dell or some shit.


  9. Congratulations on the new macbook! I recently got mine back in June and just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I replaced a 4 year old ibook and boy what a difference.


  10. Welcome to the mac community Kitta πŸ™‚
    I wish I had a shiny new macbook but apple was mucking around about when it was going to be released back in january so I got a ibook g4 😦

    we are are a friendly bunch πŸ™‚


  11. omigod…. you are sooooooo lucky you have a sweet boyfriend who buys you really nice things for you for your birthday πŸ™‚

    happy belated birthday…..


  12. Hey, Happy Birthday Kitta!

    What an awesome gift too. Matt is clearly a stud.
    And it sounds as if he’s fully earned at least ONE of those fuzzy little animals he’s always asking for…

    Go matt!


  13. Happy Birthday Kitta!
    Yeah, I know, I’m like 6 weeks late but I’m on dial-up so things are kinda slow here. πŸ™‚
    Take your time getting to 23.


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