Introducing Maiya

It it give me great pleasure to introduce you all to the newest memeber of my growing Mac family – she is only small and hours old, so please, admire her gently and comment quietly…


I named her Maiya and she is a 30gb iPod video. Isn’t she georgeous?

Yes, I know everyone thinks their iPod is cutest iPod ever, and that everyone will agree with them about said cuteness even though all iPod’s look the same, but Maiya, she’s different. I knew it from the moment I opened up her packaging and held her in my hand.


Sabastian has interfaced with her lovingly already – completly forgetting about his former beloved Tatiana – ogling Maiya’s ample 30gb hard drive and her 136 gram frame, looking deep into her files and penetrating his data into her.

Kids these days; they interface at such an early age. ๐Ÿ˜‰

11 Comments on “Introducing Maiya”

  1. Now whoever introduced you to our lovely Carla (I say “Our” as if every french artist was owned by the french population)? In the same style, you’ll probably fall head over heels in love with Camille (both her albums “Le sac des filles” and “Le Fil” are just plain ol’ simple GORGEOUS).


  2. Is this blog sponsored by Apple? I actually went mac and came back…for many reasons! I am glad you’re happy though!!!


  3. My blog has been sleepy lately because of many birthdays, the server going up and down like a hooker and other technical difficulties that don’t involve a hooker pun. Normal broadcasting will resume soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Yay!! welcome to the new Sexc Video IPOD world. I have a black one, they sure are fine, i converted a divx Deuce Bigalow- European Gigalo actually looks unreal on the little fella. I havent plugged it into the tele though yet…

    oh on a side note, im sure you get heaps of requests. but is it possible to ask for some help re: the nice borders you have around your pics, i too have wp and was wondering if you would help me in lamens terms on how to install it?

    Cheers Aimz


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