Monthly Archives: January 2008

Kit Without The Kat

One of my boyfriends highly professional workmates purchased a KitKat at work, and to his amazement, it had no wafers present amongst the chocolatey goodness. Shock and horror was felt among the workers to find a waferless KitKat. As my boyfriend likes to fight against evil doers and injustice in the workplace – occasionally when […]

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Sexiest Geek

According to Wired’s third annual Sexiest Geeks list, I am one of 2007’s sexiest geeks. I’m unsure what one is meant to say when they receive such a prestigious and esteemed nomination. Every year, Wired nominates the smartest, sexiest and most Wired men and women of the year. I’m up there with the sexy greats; […]

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2008 Predictions

I’ve never been a fan of resolutions made hastily while celebrating the start of a new year. Why not embark on resolutions throughout the year, instead of making unreachable resolutions to cease bad habits, then proceeding to give them up before the Easter bunny is due? I prefer predictions. So ladies, gentlemen, drunk people who […]

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