Lost & Found

Yesterday my MacBook finally returned from the Apple service centre. All up it cost $536 to be fixed and all they did was put in a new 100GB HDD and try to recover the contents from the old one, which I had already tried to do to no prevail. If only I was paid $121 an hour to do so. Luckily, all the fluffing about was covered by insurance. The only thing not covered was the lost files, including videos from my birthday party of Candy and I blowing out the candles and some drunken exploits that I shan’t mention.

Blowing out the candles on a birthday cake may seem like a periodic event to most, but I haven’t had a cake with candles to blow out in over seven years. I can’t eat store bought cakes, as I am lactose intolerant, and no one can be bothered to bake one. This year the boyfriend stepped up to the plate (or should that be oven?) and baked me the most delicious chocolate mud cake. And for that I adore him. That is why I was so despondent to lose the videos.

As I was downloading all the bytes and pieces to get Sabastian back to his prime last night, I played with the boyfriends new iPod Touch. I was using the YouTube feature and decided to search ‘kitta’ to find one of my own videos to play, as I could think of anything else. I was scrolling through the videos when one caught my eye, it was entitled ‘Happy Birthday Candy & Kitta’. As it played I realised with delight that it was a video someone took of Candy and I at our birthday party blowing out the candles…

Yarr! I am elated that someone else took a video of the event. Thanks to Eugene for capturing that moment I thought I lost and the flaming cutlass.

I wasn’t aware someone yelled out, “come on wenches, blow!”

5 Comments on “Lost & Found”

  1. I wasn’t aware someone yelled out, “come on wenches, blow!”

    For some reason, this sounded not only familiar, but exactly like the kind of thing I’d do after having a bit of rum and a few sword fights.

    …and lo and behold, after consulting with nezz and watching the video, I’m pretty sure I can safely determine that it was indeed my voice shouting said previously mentioned encouragement.

    Funny how those things, which you think nobody hears in the middle of all the “yarrrs” comes out so clearly when it hits youtube 😛


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