Monthly Archives: April 2007

War of The Ants

Dear Ant Colony, Your efforts to gain entry into my home and eat my muffins have been futile. I am human. I have bug spray and can fuck you up. How would you like it if I entered your home without permission, ate your muffins, then crawled all over your kitchen and laundry? Didn’t your […]

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Add Me

As I was trawling through my vast amount of emails in Mt Gmail Inboxiton – including various emails from MySpace, Virb, Twitter and Facebook alerting me users have requested I add them as a contact – I thought about how amusing parties would be if ‘add as a friend’ applied to real life socialising… “That […]

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This past week I have been suffering from a cold. I spent the majority of the week playing Oblivion and decided to stay home over the weekend instead of attending Go3 as planned. One night, I informed the boyfriend about the of lack of quality TV on at the weekend and he, as per usual, […]

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