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As I was trawling through my vast amount of emails in Mt Gmail Inboxiton – including various emails from MySpace, Virb, Twitter and Facebook alerting me users have requested I add them as a contact – I thought about how amusing parties would be if ‘add as a friend’ applied to real life socialising…

“That weird guy in the corner just totally tried to add me; he says he’s into fried chicken, Little Britain, Postal Service, and that he is a drummer in a band.”

“He tried to add me before when I was at the bar. Cindy added him by accident last week when she was drunk and now she doesn’t know how to delete him without him stalking her, adding all her top eight friends, and asking why she deleted him when they totally share the same interests.”

“I listened to his song, called ‘Where R U Baby’, his band sucks harder than that porn star which is one of his top eight friends.”

14 Comments on “Add Me”

  1. Yeah great point…

    Fact is I have heard two people mention this very thing over lunch, two young people, “lets stay in touch.. yeah sure get me on myspace and add me”.

    Just goes to show how penetrating social networking is these days…

    Incidentally how do I add you?


  2. Chris, I don’t really like MySpace, it’s so terribly buggy and badly coded. The only reason I have it is because a few people I know are inept with email and phones, but they flourish at MySpace, it’s the only way to contact them.

    I guess I should rustle up all my social networking links and post them in the entry, thus making Mt Gmail Inboxiton grow larger. 😉


  3. I hate MySpace. Passionately. I’ve even offered to code sites for my family members just to get them off of there but for some reason they all love it. But I have an account there to keep in contact with people just like I do at Virb, VOX, LJ, etc. None of them get used but there are 375 ways to ADD ME!

    But Twitter… Twitter I love and would elope with this very second if it asked me.


  4. Hi Kitta,

    Enjoy your writing. It’s a nice feeling to observe a good mind bubbling away, over on the other side of the world.

    What’s the best way to stay in touch with your stream of thoughts? I look to creative inspiration for my perfuming.

    I used to be a fashion photogapher, now I snapshoot, uploading to my blog here and again. My red-headed 3 year old Lili and my beautiful wife are my muses.


    See you around the ranch,



  5. Hi Kitta,

    I follow you on twitter and enjoy the little links over here to your blog. Your thought process is very enlightening and I enjoy the way you see the world. The web is such a great place to get a glimpse of other people’s perspectives.
    Your so right about the way social networking has become almost a part of our culture. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us out here in cyberspace, on twitter and your blog.


  6. This is entry is so humorous, but unfortunately I think it’ll be reality soon. haha. I know friends that go out to the bar and rather then giving out their numbers, they give out their myspace?

    nothing like a little self promotion


  7. Hi Kitta,
    True true true … although not surprising considering that language is constantly changing and incorporating commonly used “words” although they may not always follow Strunk & White Element’s of Style, Stillman’s Grammar Guide, or Truss’ Eats Shoots and Leaves book.
    So does that mean I have to learn how to speak this way to connect to others in popular social network sites? 🙂


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