Every week I sit in the treatment room at the doctors office waiting the standard thirty minutes after my having my Hyposensitization treatment, to see if I have a reaction. It is possibly the most boring thirty minutes of my life. I normally read a book and sometimes when I’m bookless, bored and totally delirious from allergens coursing through my veins, I will be forced to read a trashy gossip magazine about how Britney was caught fucking a donkey while her husband watched or about how the real reason Paris was arrested was because she retorted, “that’s hot” after being asked for license and registration. I can feel my brain cells curling up in my frontal lobe and rocking themselves slowly when I read those kinds of magazine.


Ever since I purchased my iPod video Maiya things have changed, no more catatonic brain cells, I can now watch vodcasts to kill the time. I tend to always miss The Chaser’s War on Everything so I download missed episodes via iTunes, along with some Diggnation (yes, I am part of the small percentage of cute geeky chicks that watch Diggnation), Ask a Ninja, Naked Scientists and Dr Karl.

Recently, I decided to catch up on some missed episodes of Diggnation to kill the thirty minute wait, episode #57 to be precise, it was the one where Kevin was talking about the old porn lady who has the Sex Talk show and her tip about pearls, where you buy a girl a lovely set of pearls then use them in a manner the jewellery designer probably wasn’t intending for them to be used in and have her wear them as a reminder.

See ladies, Diggnation doesn’t just feature geeky news, they also talk about fashion. 😉

I was sitting in the uncomfortable chair that is missing padding on it’s right corner (a child chewed it off after being told the blood test fairy was to visit him I presume) with one headphone in my ear and the other sitting on my lap so I could hear the nurse ask me if I’m, like, dying yet. I was trying my hardest not to laugh when Kevin was talking about the dirty old porn lady – I was in public and laughing at seemingly nothing isn’t taken well by others – when I realized that the young blonde haired guy sitting near me waiting for his infected thumb to be attended to was laughing. I thought maybe something funny had happened that I missed, like the doctor made yet another glove innuendo to the nurse, but Blondie was looking at me and laughing. It was then that I pulled out the headphone in my ear and realized the sound was up high enough that you could make out Alex saying “you’re looking up old lady porn?!” Blondie asked what I was watching, “Diggnation” I replied, he grinned and said “is it porn?”

For a brief moment the torridly evil part of my brain (which is about 83% for those wondering) wanted to tell him that, yes, Diggnation is indeed porn*, and inform him that he too could watch it at – then I thought about it some more and concluded that it was far too evil. Even for me.

I laughed and replied, “no, it’s a weekly vodcast about popular stories on” he looked disappointed and went back to studying the asthma chart on the wall. I decided to switch to Dr Karl and watch the rest of Pornnation at a later date.

* I actually do have porn on my iPod. When I first purchased Maiya I needed a video to convert in iSquint so I could test it on my iPod. Porn was all I had.

7 Comments on “Pornnation”

  1. Ahhhh, Sex with Sue.. Sue Joehanson (sp?).. she’s Canadian although I guess she has a version of her show in U.S. now…. She visited my University and talked infront of a packed conference room.. .it was hilarious, and she’s the exact same in person!


  2. Kris: Did you ever see the college lecture Kevin smith did about his worst sexual experience and/or date, the one about his wife? It was on YouTube, but now I can’t find the link, it was hilarious.

    Mark: The iPorn, comes with free tissues and lube.

    David: Yes, some of us do watch porn and won’t attack you for having ‘Busty Babes 5’ under your bed. 😛

    Amanda: It’s great to know another chick that watches Diggnation, actually, I don’t think any of my guy friends even watch it. They’re missing out.


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