Teenage Clothing

Matt and I procrastinate washing our gay teenage clothes…

Matt: Washing sucks, I have so much to do, but I have to do it if I want to wear clothes this weekend, ice skating naked at ‘cockburn’ arena probably isn’t the best idea.
Kitta: I have to wash clothes too, I’m putting it off though, my theory is they might get fed up and wash themselves. I think of my clothes as teenage girls.
Matt: You see I tried that, obviously my clothes are teenage guys because they don’t care if they sit around dirty and smelly.
Kitta: Hopefully your clothes will get girlfriends that will wash them.
Matt: I dunno, didn’t happen for me.
Kitta: Maybe they’re gay…
Matt: Stop picking on my clothes!
Kitta: There’s nothing wrong with it, in fact I think I have a top that’s bisexual.
Matt: How do you know she’s bisexual?
Kitta: She always wants to hang out with my underwear.

10 Comments on “Teenage Clothing”

  1. Sorry, but I don’t think Matt’s clothes are gay. If they were, they would want to look their best and WOULD wash themselves. His clothes must be balding beer gut smelly old men.


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