Monkey Sale

Commenters say the darndest things sometimes. The comments below are quite possibly some of the oddest comments posted on this site, ever…

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Author: Forbembi
E-mail: akoson_2000 at
Comment: Hello, i have some Monkeys for sale. If anyone likes to have one please, just contact me. they are aged in between 2week to 8month. I hope to hear from anyone interested. My name is justin. Thanks

Damn, and I wanted an 11 month old monkey, I never have any luck!

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Author: milly (IP:
E-mail: kay_rose at
Comment: well i reacon that its cool to have it on the pad as i now get exited to change my pad

A new comment on the post “Odd Spot” is waiting for your approval

Author: haylee (IP:
E-mail: kay_rose at
Comment: im withyou milly. you people are so gay talking about frikking pads i mean is aboslutly rediculas. i think that its kool any way cos its not such of a negative thing. i my self like to lern new things on the tolit.

Milly and Haylee need to get a physc evaluation to figure out which one of them is real and a rep for Libra, and then next time they are on the toilet they might want to learn to spell and type. One day me dear(s), one day you will type pretty.

6 Comments on “Monkey Sale”

  1. …y do I have nipples anyway… they serve no purpose. I don’t get pleasure from them… no milk so I have to spend money on the one from the store. man they just sit there… stupid freeloaders


  2. Jeez, don’t be daft. All you have to do is wait 3 months and then email the guy and get the monkey. You could probably even deduct a month because the monkey will take some time in postage. Unless you get him to FedEx it of course – FedEx do a monkey overnight service to any major city.


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