Cosi Girls

Lynne Heming – the ugly duckling featured on several current affair programs – in my mind, is quite a silly young lady.

First off, she had a few plastic surgeries and procedures to make herself resemble a Barbie doll. Fine, she’s a sports model, bigger boobs can be a great advantage in sports modelling and they might help her win a few competitions, possibly do more promo work (“three cougars thanks”) and hopefully pay back the money to recoup her investment. What annoys me is she went to Today Tonight with her story, in what seems like an attempt to help her career. Did she not fathom that the media is evil, especially current affair programs?

Google her name and you get a small mention on a sports competition site, maybe she should have boosted her web presence before her chest size (which, after I hit submit, I will have done for her).

Normally, I wouldn’t watch this sort of filth, but I have a cold and watching vapid cosi girls (girls who get so much cosmetic surgery that no one recognises them) get biased by the media is entertaining.

Nikita: My throat is so sore, I’m sucking throaties more often then a fluff girl gives BJ’s on a porn set.

I say the darndest things when on cold medicine.

14 Comments on “Cosi Girls”

  1. All that plastic surgery costs so much… one bullet would have been a fraction of the cost and achieved so much more for society.


  2. the pic of her in the white shirt when she worked at target wasn’t that bad. but really I do think that it’s tough for girls cause some much more attention is put on how grils look. there were some girls selling cookies in front of the store and some guy bought a box from one girl and then there was another girl on the other side and she was the tiny little 8 yr old maybe and he said “aww are you so cute! I’ll buy 2 boxes” I don’t think the girl on the other side heard and I don’t think he meant to be differenciate but it happens


  3. Yikes… that’s quite the trasformation. I anticipate the slideshows at her wedding will be quite the laugh 🙂 And quite the shock, for the guy she’s marrying, of course.


  4. Her folks are “proud” of what they have made. ahah by the sounds of it i think her dad creamed his pants over her.
    She’s a fucking ugly trollop. I can’t ever say when i did model work, that i wanted to totally change myself. Plus i’d be ashamed of myself and disgusted if i made my mother waste her money on such crap anyway.


  5. Ah, someone else with sore throat. (I suspect…no, I’m sure it’s because of this damn season called winter – winter in South Africa as well)
    I think I’m going to start gargling Whisky…for the sore throat…really.


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