Red Roses

Red Roses

22 Comments on “Red Roses”

  1. The beauty of these expensive red roses only pale in comparison to your own.
    Happy Over Used Pick-up line, So I Don’t Have To Buy Any Expensive Red Roses Day! :o)

    Kidding of course, a more true’er line as never been spoken.


  2. Speaking of pick up lines, the worst I’ve ever had is the “I’m a photographer I think you’d make a great model” line. To which I reply “Been there done that” and ask about their gear (camera). They mumble something and change the subject. :o?


  3. I really despise Valentine’s Day and not because I’m single, wait, yeah that’s the reason…

    Great pick up line – “Hi, will you help me find my lost puppy? I think he went into this cheap hotel room across the street.”


  4. Oh my, do you know how much roses cost?? I didn’t. I pre-ordered the other day and they were 75$ (us) – but they came in a vase and everything.

    But money is just money – it was worth it to see her smile 🙂


  5. The best pick-up line:

    Dude: Excuse me, do you know how much a Polar bear weighs?
    Girl: No I don’t, how much?
    Dude: Enough to break the ice, Hi, my name is “Insert Dude’s Name Here”.


  6. Hope the day was nice nevertheless. I didn’t do anything special for it. Flowers were too expensive, restuarants were booked out, getting into the car just seemed like too much effort on a Monday night! 🙂 Though I did think my boyfriend was joking when he said he didn’t get me anything!! 😛


  7. This pick up line never ceases to make me smile, (as does yer site!)!

    “This place is creeping me out, want to come out back to my van?” (say this to any girl in a bar!)


  8. Here’s an idea for guys who want to get out of buying roses next year…

    Grow your own.

    They’re not that hard, just hack them back once a year, and keep the bugs at bay, water now and again and ta-da… Roses! You’ll also get extra loving if you mention the time you spent tending to them with love and care. 😉


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