Christmas Jewellery

Getting into the Christmas sprit.

Christmas Jewellery

Necklace features a beautiful lampwork Christmas tree pendant that I got on eBay last year (I can’t remember the seller’s name. Chockadoo was the eBay seller that designed it) and assorted red/green glass beads.

15 Comments on “Christmas Jewellery”

  1. aww ignore those whingers up there! Christmas is coming and since it’s only a month away, why not start the festivities? πŸ™‚

    GORGEOUS neclace hehe perfect for a few Chrissy parties πŸ™‚

    take care!


  2. Really nice work Kitta! Have a happy holiday. I have to comment about your current desktop pic. Poor little doggie, do ya think he/she feels foolish?


  3. Snyke, I made it early so I could enter it in any Christmas jewellery design contests.

    Dan, I posted a link to the doggie on my desktop in Linkies.

    Jerm, no they are not edible. Although sometimes when I’m beading I look at the beads and think “if only they were food”.

    Nate, yes it was IÒ€ℒm trying to track down the designer.


  4. Sometimes it’s nice to start xmas a bit early, can cheer everyone up. When it’s not pushed on you that is -I always remember one newsagent in the town I used to live which would have a christmas display (complete with tree) in one window, and a halloween display in the other!

    Still, I always start celebrating xmas on the 1st, when you start opening the advent calenders -but then it is my birthday on that day too, so that helps πŸ˜‰


  5. Bit off topic Liquid, but yes, I did already know about that. I link to it, and a few others, in my colophon section. I still have no idea who submitted it though.


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