SuperShadow or SuperStupid?

I’m not one to ever use the ‘get a life’ card online, but for once, I think its needed in this situation. I received an email today from someone telling me about this website. Sure, it looks just like some star wars fan site right? Wrong. The SuperShadow guy (also known as: SS, Mickey Suttle, SuperStupid) who runs the site claims to have an new girlfriend called Amber Castlerose and the pictures of his ‘new beauty’ are pictures of me. He took my pictures and is saying the girl in them is his new girlfriend. And this isn’t the first time either, oh no, his former girlfriend Marius Tsung looks a lot like Asa from


Dude, get a real girlfriend!

At first I thought it was just a fan site, but if you take a look at the about section there is a photo (possibly also stolen) and some infromation about how his details are ‘classified at the highest level’. He claims to be a close personal friend of George Lucas.

Yes, and I have a pet dinosaur made out of gold in my backyard, that eats spoons.


  • It seems like Mickey Suttle (SuperShadow) is know around the star wars fan sites for his bullshit.
  • There’s also a huge forum thread about everything he’s done, check it out.
  • Here is a funny site which takes the piss out of SuperStupid, I mean SuperShadow.
  • Aww, SuperStupid broke up with me, apparently the strain of having a fake girlfriend was just too much. Although there are always two sides to a story… SuperShadow: Amber kissed the side of the curb (if you know what I mean. Hahaha. … Umm, no we don’t get anything you mean.
  • I saved an image of the girlfriend page for anyone interested, funny how the page has been taken down. The break up must have been painful for him. I’m going to go pat my spoon eating dinosaur now. πŸ™‚
  • This Shampoo article on SuperShadow is an interesting read.
  • There is now a Wikipedia entry on SuperShadow and his many lies.
  • Apparently this is SuperShadow’s MySpace account.

92 Comments on “SuperShadow or SuperStupid?”

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  2. I feel sorry for you Kitta. I suppose its a price of having some web fame. Look on the bright side: At least you dont have the paparazzi stalking you, nor obscure tabloid articles like “Kitta is Dating an Android and Having His Alien Baby”.

    At least not yet, they keep rejecting my submissions 😦


  3. you have a dinosaur that eat spoons!!!!!!!!


    does this mean I have to stop thinking Rachel Lee Cook’s my wife then?
    DAMN :0(


  4. That is frickin hilarious. Yeah, I’m top secret but I like posting my pictures. Dumbass! “I’m not supposed to let you guys know about me. By the way, have you seen my new girlfriend who I refer to by both first and last name?” What a loser.


  5. Oh kitta that cracked me up! πŸ™‚ “A gold dinosaur that eats spoons” ..hahahah! thats awesome
    He just wants you thats all..take it as a compliment πŸ˜‰


  6. what a l00ser that guy. I mean, i know its the net and there’s a lotta losers out there, but that’s just lame.
    On the other hand I guess that’s just what happens when you put your face out there. I always think about taht when I draw lil mustaches on people’s faces in magazines. i wonder, do they care that I’m defacing their image? hmmm…
    I love you!


  7. He’s had my bloody picture up there for AGES 😦

    bastard. I’d like to know where the hell he got the name ‘Marius’ too?!

    I’ve had an influx of fakers lately too … I just can’t be arsed to post about it. Ahhh .. I need to update my site badly


  8. What a scary weirdo, well Kitta your taking this better than most people would.

    I’m surprised he hasn’t made those pictures disappear, I keep asking him about Darth Kitta… I’m sure many others were lest subtle


  9. I’m used to this kind of thing Jay, like Asa, it happens a lot to girls who have pictures on their sites.

    Asa, I was going to email you about it, but I’m told a few people have, so that’s good you know. And yeah, that name is odd.


  10. Supershadow has been posting garbage about Star Wars over the net for a few years now. He really earned the fury of Star Wars fans last year when he conned people into letting him charge their credit cards to fund his “updates.” His posting of Kitta’s photos claiming them as his girlfriend does not surprise me.


  11. Supershadow is a massice fraud unfortunatly several thousand people visit his site every day blistfully unaware that he’s full of bulls***! Hopefully he won’t be on the web for much longer!


  12. Kitta – just happened to find your site after seeing Supershadow’s. I can’t believe the bloke. What a fraud. Anyway, nice site. I’m sure this jerk will get bored of you when enough people point out that he’s been found out. I for one have sent him an email. xx


  13. Kitta – Now THAT’s funny. Amazing what you can find out about something on the net, just by doing a google search for ” bullshit”. I’d also like to say SuperShadow and Super Shadow a few more times, so people searching for the site can find this one instead. SuperShadow, Super Shadow. Thanks!


  14. Quite the astonishing development here…..this guys quite possibly the worst fraud artist around….im a hockey fan and there was a guy parading around acting as jeremy roenick brian leetch and keith tkachuk….he got 10 years in jail….pretty sure the same can happen to supershit….thats all i have to say…poor fat bastard has to go find a hottie and pretend shes his girlfriend….poor kitta


  15. Yea, you would think that the bloke would take the pics off after recieving all of that mail calling him a dumbass. But sadly that doesn’t phase people like that. It’s a lost cause. The best thing to do is ignore it. He’ll take any kind of attention.


  16. Hey Kitta! Look at the bright side, some Star Wars fanboy has found pictures of you and become obsesses enough to put you on his website claiming you and he are going out, all the while encouraging fans to comment on you with crude words… I smell a lawsuit.


  17. Author : Mr.Deflok (IP: ,
    E-mail :
    Comment: Oh, I was being sarcastic up until the lawsuit part.

    Author : Supershadow (IP: ,
    E-mail :
    URL :
    Comment: Kitta! Don’t deny it! You still love me don’t you? Kitta! Answer me! Kitttaaaaaaa!

    If your bored go play yahoo pool, don’t be a tosser in the comments.


  18. Once again, sorry, as I mentioned before I was playing around, hoping that it’d seem obvious that it was me posting the comment from Supershadow (conveniently a minute after the post under my handle, and as you pointed out from the same IP address). Meant no disrespect or harm by it, was just a joke that wasn’t thought out particularaly well. Anyway, please accept my apologies, and do not worry, I won’t be coming back.


  19. Hi Kitta,

    You will be happy to know SS has picked a new “girlfriend”. Anyone know who the new girl is she should be told.



  20. yeah, he has some new pics of another girl’s webcam. as soon as i find her site, i’ll let her know. he seems to be picking girls out of the Webcams

    he said he kicked you to the curb now. *sigh* this guy never quits.


  21. *QUOTE*
    “Another new girlfriend? Way to go! What ever happened to Amber? (SuperShadow: Amber kissed the side of the curb (if you know what I mean). Hahaha.) “


  22. Yeah SuperShadow is a superfraud.

    It’s too bad that he not only feels the need to lie to everyone about being in the know about Star Wars and Lucasfilm, but that he can’t even get a legit girlfriend.


    i feel your pain.


  23. Heh. I’m finding all this pretty funny as the guy is an idiot, and this really gave me a laugh. Sorry about you having to be the brunt of his psychotics rantings but on the plus side, you just showed him for the sad pathetic lilttle freak that he is.

    Take care.



  24. Just wanted to inform you that we at are working on removing that pest Supershadow from the net. Today,on me attacking him on basicaly stalking you he responded with “That is true. I took pics from her site. She was my ex and I forgot to take the pics down. Same with all the other girls that said the same thing.” He has been locked and soon his site,we hope,will no longer be operational.

    Sorry for any disscomfort this incident has caused you.

    All the best,Millosh.


  25. I think Supershadow is a parody guy, just making us fuss about all this is how he gets his kicks. Still, I’ll hate him if you all hate him. πŸ™‚


  26. Heh, the link to the thread on KMC…yeah, over there we don’t like SS that much. Hell, I don’t think any Star Wars fan with half a brain likes him. He’s a complete fraud and I can’t wait until Episode III comes out so everyone can see what a fake he is XD


  27. Great site, I can see why Supershithead would put your picture up, peircing eyes. Love the funny site as well. Thanks for making me laugh. Have a great day!


  28. Just incase we have any homicidal folks around. πŸ™‚
    Suttle, Mickey(aka. Supershadow)
    2339 24th Ave NE
    Hickory, NC 28601 US
    +1 828 256 7395


  29. Yes, I’m sure all the homicidal SS haters have done a whois before. The address and phone number is as fake as his ramblings.

    But make note that he seems to be hosted with at the present time, and there’s bound to be something in their TOS that he’s violating. πŸ˜‰


  30. if that hickory address is true i just live down the road from him. as a matter of fact i used to live on 30th street.

    need me to make a visit??

    i was just wondering what makes you think the address is fake?


  31. The address and phone number check out using but to the name Earl W. Suttle. HA!!! he still lives at home.


  32. Sorry all supershadow (Mickey Suttle) put you through. I still don’t trust you or anybody. You must understand me. I will tell my brother the bad news. He is young and supershadow was his supernatural fan. Thank’s for puting this web site on line, resolving the unjustices that could be going on. I wonder if there are even going to be more new star wars videos. I should have known that that web site didn’t make sence. It is just a stupid joke. Everything secret and all. He says that he can’t make a video for 20 years after star wars. That’s just a way for him to make his fraud last longer. got to go now.


  33. Oh my god.. I’ve just read about three or four of these anti shadow sites. Now I feel sick for ever liking him in the first place. I noticed a lot of the evidence but I never gave it a second thought until they were put on screen in black and white. Now I don’t believe in anything anymore! I’m going to law school..

    And to think I liked his page because I always hated the EU novels too


  34. that guy is known for doing that kind of shit.He even claims that his best buds with George Lucas and that he played a jedi in revenge of the sith.


  35. After seeing SuperStupids, sorry the seriously deluded, and then the new I found your web site. I don’t think I ever laughed so hard.
    All I can say is You are woman hear you roar! I loved all you said about him and I thought to myself “I love this woman.”
    By the way….How is the dinosaur doing? What is his or her name? Take care, I wish there were more women in the world like you.


  36. Mickey Suttle is now asking for doantions to his site despite claiming he is on a salary of £500,000 dollars a year!!

    I despise because he is a liar and a fraud… Shadowscourge is about bringing this asshole down… you find the link to the Shadowscourge forum on the Supershadow Wikipedia article at the bottom of the page.

    His email address is:

    You should email haim your views on and anything else you want to discuss as both SS and George Lucas appreciate fan input and comments!!


  37. Mickey Suttle is an internet virus that preys on peoples love of Star Wars. He takes ” donations ” for his lies and deceits. Young children asking there parents for money because he dilutes there minds with hope for another trilogy. For this reason I can’t sit by and watch this coward continue. I will stop at nothing to destroy his site. I will stop at nothing to destroy him. People like Mickey Suttle give Star Wars fans a bad name. He brings out the worst in some of us. Thats why .. if he does not shut his website down … I myself will personally take action into my own hands and destroy the real Sith..”Mickey Suttle” AKA Supershawdow.

    – Darth Secretus

    Fellow North Carolinian


  38. i think i will go look him up after all. i just remembered this bullshit when addressing a troll in imdb who felt they could insult ppl just because they were invisible on the web. i think these trolls and liers need to be taught a lesson


    That’s your only and final resource.

    P.S. You are not an Idiot Sinclair , that was only a memorable quote from Dinosaurs (An ABC sitcom that ran during April ’91 to July ’94)


  40. I spent 5 minutes on SuperShadow, and knew it was fake… people have stopped posting here, but I think this is as good a place as any to start putting the bull good ole’ Mickey writes, and contradict the hell out of it.

    Its a shame that happened to you, Kitta. You dont deserve to be used like that. Im saddened you couldnt get his pathetic site shut down for that.


  41. I was looking into SuperShadow when I came across your site. I had started reading his interviews and something seemed fishy. He’s a complete fake. Glad you’re spreading the word he’s a complete moron.

    PS the girl on the couch to your left in your “Current Webcam Image” might just be one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever laid eyes on.


  42. Sean Cross your a complete red-neck jerk off that advocates the Shadowscourge and like ShadowScourg you and Scourge are a bigger internet infection to Star Wars prosperity. Chewy07, Elway, Zoomlord, you, Sweersa (fake sweers), Darth Hord, Zoolord and Elite Hunter will burn in hell, because thats where your going in the end is HELL. If Mr. Suttle has problems let him deal with him that DOES NOT excuss the fact to harass a good, decent man and make death threats. Kiss my ass. ~Cory Morr


  43. Hey, How did SuperShadow get all those pics of my girlfriend? He must have snuck in while we were feeding spoons to her dragon… πŸ˜‰

    This is really funny. It makes me feel a lot better though. No matter how bad things get, I never posted pics of someone online and claimed she’s my girlfriend. Yay, someone out there is more pathetic than me…

    Oh, and someone please get Cory Morr his lithium pills and straighten his tin foil hat?


  44. Hah.. I know this is old news, but way to go. SuperShadow must STILL be living in his mom’s basement. What a fraud.

    “Yes, and I have a pet dinosaur made out of gold in my backyard, that eats spoons.”

    That was pure gold. Cracks me up. One big lie deserves another, I suppose.

    Nice pics, btw.


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  46. What I fail to understand where SS is concerned, is how he’s been able to make such outrageous claims if he does not in fact have any connection with Lucasfilm. This just doesn’t add up. Why hasn’t he been done for fraud? Where did he get his information in regards to movie outlines and full scripts prior to the movies even being released? How is it that he’s able to impersonate Lucas without any legal repercussions? What I do accept is that there’s a damn sight more going on than meets the eye.


  47. My apolgies for my harassing comment years back. I was messed up by SuperShaodw, but saw the lot. I had a lot of help from a guy named Hank Warlock who passed away Augest of 2009. I truely am sorry if I offended alot of dedicated Star Wars fans and people that have been upset by this con-artist. I’m now an elite member with the Shadowscourge. Even Mickey Suttle my true and attack my person networks sometimes. I blocked him completely. If anyone would like to stay friends and stay in touch my email is I could use the company and make new friends. Take care Nikkita. Don’t let Shadow harass you either like me. Keep fighting and he’ll me off the internet soon. God bless. ~Cory Morr. Again I don’t believe in this fool anymore. I know everything from him is a hoax. My sympathies to many wonderful people.


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