Monthly Archives: October 2011

Open For Business

Earlier this year I moved to the city to be closer to friends, study and work opportunities. My address now contains the words and numbers ‘Perth 6000’, when I was young I assumed anyone who lived in the 6000 postcode wore top hats and swam in pools full of money like on Duck Tales. Silly […]

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The Big Geekend 2011

I’ve finally recharged my batteries after participating in the Extra Life 24 hour gaming marathon for kids charity this weekend. Extra Life is a charity started by the Sarcastic Gamer podcast network in 2008 to raise money and awareness for cancer research for the Children’s Miracle Network. Money raised is donated to any of the […]

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Fake Boobies

Have you ever wondered what I would look like with massive boobs? I’m not talking about a cup or two, I mean, MASSIVE BOOBS! Wonder no more, internet, because someone has stolen my photos, photoshopped huge boobs into the photos, and then posted them on various websites to reap the comment rewards. The photos appeared […]

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