As we drove down to Mandurah to visit relatives for a belated Easter lunch we spotted a purple Ford Falcon with an interesting custom license plate.



I assume his passenger seat was filled with mobile phone credit vouchers and Justin Bieber posters to attract teenagers to his awesome ride. I’ve seen some interesting license plates in the past, some funny while others a mix of stupidity and the letter ‘U’, but I’ve never seen a plate that clearly is not cool. Imagine being a father of a teenage daughter and ‘R U 6TEEN’ turns up on your door step?

Ding dong.
“Hey old man, I’m here to pick up your sixteen year old daughter in my awesome car of awesomeness.”
“OMGZ! Isn’t his car, like, sooooo coooool, Dad?”
Loads shotgun.

What’s the most offensive, funniest, stupidest or tackiest license plate you’ve seen?

8 Comments on “R U SERIOUS?”

  1. hahaha i think this is funny as hell.
    So far the only plate i have seen that really stand out is a immaculate highly modified 66 mustang with the number plates ‘anzpwr”


  2. For £999995 you could buy the UK number plate PEN1S. I think you’d need to be a total cock to buy it.


  3. Most interesting plate I saw was in Durham (UK), a tidy looking older woman in a brand new BMW rag top with the plate L4Y ME.


  4. Haha kitta, I’ve known him for like 14yrs. I use to play t-ball with him and stuff when we were kids. I’ll never forget the day we were all hanging out at Miss Q’s, and saw the car pull up.. …. yeah, I think the fiance and I were a bit scared 😕


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