Supanova Perth 2010

I attended the 2010 Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Perth and had a chance to meet the stars and take some photos while doing media for the day.

Supanova Perth 2010-53

Stars in attendance were Summer Glau, Chaske Spencer, Dichen Lachman, Charisma Carpenter, Leah Gibson, Mark Lutz, Daniel Logan (who said “I’ll just call you beautiful”), Lou Ferrigno, Michael Winslow and Justin Randall. The only star I didn’t have a chance to meet was the gorgeous Eliza Dushku, I was late for her Q&A and she was busy doing VIP photos with fans for the rest of the day.

Supanova Perth - Summer GlauSupanova Perth 2010 - Charisma CarpenterSupanova Perth 2010 - Mark LutzSupanova Perth 2010 - Lou FerrignoSupanova Perth 2010 - Dichen LachmanSupanova Perth 2010 - Leah GibsonSupanova Perth 2010 - Daniel LoganSupanova Perth 2010 - Chaske SpencerSupanova Perth 2010 - Michael WinslowSupanova Perth 2010 - Summer GlauSupanova Perth 2010 - Summer GlauSupanova Perth 2010 - Summer GlauSupanova Perth 2010 - Summer GlauSupanova Perth 2010-14Supanova Perth 2010-33

I also took a few socials of fans attending the event wearing some amazing and interesting costumes.

Supanova Perth 2010-46Supanova Perth 2010-2Supanova Perth 2010-20Supanova Perth 2010-3Supanova Perth 2010-9Supanova Perth 2010-54Supanova Perth 2010-35Supanova Perth 2010-6Supanova Perth 2010-47Supanova Perth 2010-13Supanova Perth 2010Supanova Perth 2010-23Supanova Perth 2010-7Supanova Perth 2010-28Supanova Perth 2010-36Supanova Perth 2010-29Supanova Perth 2010-26Supanova Perth 2010-32Supanova Perth 2010-8Supanova Perth 2010-16Supanova Perth 2010-37Supanova Perth 2010-18Supanova Perth 2010-17Supanova Perth 2010-11Supanova Perth 2010-15Supanova Perth 2010-45Supanova Perth 2010-34Supanova Perth 2010-38Supanova Perth 2010-24Supanova Perth 2010-31Supanova Perth 2010-42Supanova Perth 2010-21Supanova Perth 2010-44Supanova Perth 2010-5Supanova Perth 2010-55Supanova Perth 2010-12Supanova Perth 2010-4Supanova Perth 2010-41Supanova Perth 2010-10Supanova Perth 2010-30Supanova Perth 2010-22Supanova Perth 2010-43Supanova Perth 2010-27Supanova Perth 2010-48Supanova Perth 2010-25Supanova Perth 2010-40Supanova Perth 2010-19Supanova Perth 2010-39

I’m told that next years event will be bigger and better, with the lovely Felicia Day hopefully flying down under for the 2011 Supanova. Fingers crossed.

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