Blogiversary 8.0

Eight years ago I registered the domain and created a blog that I assumed would only be read by a few friends and a random person from Sweden who was bored late one night and submitted ‘Australian girl’ in Google. My assumption was wrong.

Over the years I’ve amassed a decent amount of visitors and forged friendships with some amazing people. I’ve blogged about those who’ve helped and inspired me in previous entries, but I’ve never really thanked them. This is for you…


I hope you all enjoy these cyber heart cupcakes I prepared earlier.

11 Comments on “Blogiversary 8.0”

  1. Eight years ago, I was already hoping to go to Australia, but your blog was the trigger that actually made me do the jump.

    So now, congratulations for staying this long on the blog scene.

    from Sydney


  2. Congrats on 8 years!! how time flies!!

    I remember stumbling across your web site randomly many years ago.

    Wonder what the Internet and this blog will be like in another 8 years!


  3. I love ur blog so cool. Abd congrats wohoo. Hope u blog has many more viewerrs in the future.


    random teen guy from the US


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