Do You Love Heather?

The gorgeous Heather (known as Hesa on Twitter) will be in the upcoming channel Nine Network reality television series, The Apprentice.

“One of Australia’s most successful, high-profile businessmen, founder of Wizard Home Loans, Mark Bouris, is searching for his Apprentice. Bouris is exceptionally well regarded in the business community and working as his protégé will give one capable Australian an unprecedented start to their new career. The winner of The Apprentice will be guaranteed a new career with Bouris at his financial-services firm, Yellow Brick Road, with an incredible six figure salary.”NineMSN.

Heather is currently filming the series and has been featured in the above promotional advert for the series that aired on channel Nine over the weekend. A fan website has already spawned at to show support and allow fans of the brilliant blond to share information. I’ve joined the website to show my love and support for our Heather.

Good luck, gorgeous!

8 Comments on “Do You Love Heather?”

  1. Thanks for the great post. I really love this tv show. Can’t wait for the another season ! Keep up the awesome work with that 🙂


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