I recently joined the geeky Leetbix boys – Grum, Somegen, Cuzza and Noodlez – at Leetbix HQ (Casa SomeGrum) for a night of gaming, trying to figure out how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew, drinking, and helping the boys record a chaotic episode of their podcast, Leetbix.

Leetbixians - photo by Antz

Also present for the recording was Devar, Richard and Antz with his BIG THING, meanwhile the cooler kids – Lulu, Simone, Keg and Justin – can be heard in the background, laughing and throwing random objects at us.

Topics we discussed and made fun of were; Little Big Planet, Rock Band (and why it’s not out in Australia yet), Blizzcon, Jack Thompson (and my theory on what he does at night with hookers), Mods on Steam, Wario Land: Shake it, Warhammer Online, Brothers In Arms, Mercenaries 2, Lego Batman (and what other things we want to be legofied), Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Burnout Paradise & bike pack, Red Alert 3, Heroes (and why I love future bondage Claire), True Blood, Knight Rider (and why it sucked), and Top Gear Australia. We also mused about the short film shot on the Canon 5D Mk2 and the Google phone.

Cuzza, Grum, Devar - photo by Antz
Leetbix boys - photo by Antz
Lulu, Keg & Simone gaming - photo by Antz
Lolcatz magnetz - photo by Kitta
Gaming at 3am - photo by Kitta

Once we were done recording we moved on to the gaming portion of the night, paying Buzz and Singstar. It was a fun night that finally ended around 4am, after we all became hungry and noticed the time. I finally collapsed in bed around 6am, just as the sun filtered through my window and the birds tweeted annoyingly.

If you want to listen to ‘The Boycott’ Leetbix episode, you can do so by subscribing via iTunes or clicking over to the Leetbix website to downloading it. More photos and videos from the event can be found on my Flickr and on Antz gallery.

Disclaimer: I was slightly tipsy; I would like to apologise to WoW players that don’t have a life, dead hookers, hookers in general, people who don’t know what computers are, cam whores, the girl from Passions, and anyone else I may have offended during the recording. The Penfolds Tawny Port made me do it.

10 Comments on “Leetbix”

  1. Always picking on the poor hookers you are. Unfeeling bastard!

    And we are totally the cool kids. Also the sexiest if I do say myself. (Even if Lulu is propping up my efforts somewhat) 😉


  2. Hey, did you know you’ve all got accents! What’s up with that?

    Calling Jack Thompson a douche is an insult to douches.

    Anna Paquin is the reason I’m sticking with True Blood.

    Knight Rider’s ratings were quite awful here.

    Funny coinkydink. Downloading Top Gear Oz right now. A US version is alleged to be coming. BBC America finally shows Top Gear here.

    Fun to hear your voice Kitta.

    Hey, maybe you guys could nudge Bob’s Your Uncle to resume podcasting! You all know each other, right?


  3. One way to pop open a wine bottle without ruining the wine with shredded cork is .. banging the bottom flat end of the bottle against a hard yet matted surface, napkin covered marble table, blanket on a hardwood floor, etc.. keep banging until the cork pops- it works!

    If you dont care for the bottle, smack the top portion of bottle and break it off- just hope for no glass bits.

    if you’ve got a ball or tire inflator around, make sure its long enough to go through the cork and pressure air below the cork . A few pumps and kaboom of goes the cork. (make sure the neck of the bottles straight, odd designs have a chance of not working as you’d like, perhaps glass bomb..


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