As you’ve probably noticed – unless you haven’t hit re-fresh, if so, do it now. Go on. I’ll wait… Done? Ok, moving on – I have made a Halloween themed header.

It features blood splashes, from the Blood Brush Set by a talented DeviantArt user, and icon graphics from the Pumpkin Eve III Set on IconBuffet. And if you’re wondering what inspired the Halloween themed header, it’s a mix of a few things…

  1. Weekend long cold
  2. Boredom
  3. Cold medication
  4. Forgone fun times
  5. Stash of horror movies
  6. Watching The Great Debate and wanting to stab something

I have been so bored, that I looked forward to my six hourly medication with glee, and while on said medication, I actually thought I could set-up Citrix on an Intel Mac. I know. What was I thinking?

Happy Halloween. Don’t catch a cold.

8 Comments on “Boo”

  1. to me it looks like you sneezed a big loogie out and sploged it on your web site lol,,, get well soon chicka kitta. and i forgot to ask, have you ever stepped in kangaroo poo mate haha


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