Monthly Archives: May 2007

Leet WoW Hacker

I was doing some grocery shopping today, and as I stood in the pasta aisle perusing mediterranean vegetable sauces I overheard this conversation between two middle aged ladies… “I found this strange payment on my credit card statement today… My son was the last to use it to pay his phone bill, I questioned him […]

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Army Of The Expectant

I was reading an article in a newspaper today about the increase of births taking place in hospitals instead of home, it quoted an associate professor on the subject, who said, “Women are using things they don’t need, things like epidurals.” Did I ever share with you, dear Internet, that I am blessed with psychic […]

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Pot Plant

My mother stood outside inspecting what little of our garden that actually grows – with no silver bells or cockle shells, and absolutely no pretty maids all in a row – when she found an intruder. I was busy loading the washing machine and wasn’t too bothered with it all. “What is that?” “A plant” […]

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