This past week I have been suffering from a cold. I spent the majority of the week playing Oblivion and decided to stay home over the weekend instead of attending Go3 as planned. One night, I informed the boyfriend about the of lack of quality TV on at the weekend and he, as per usual, had one of his ideas – like the time he wanted to produce cheese water because everyone would totally want to drink cheese flavoured water – to elevate the situation…

“Lets make our own TV station! We could call it… ‘Channel P’ and only play stuff that starts with P; like porn, penguins, polar bears…”


“Polygamy. Pants.”

“But shoes, they don’t start with a…”

I take a break mid sentence to sneeze.


“Platform shoes do. Pandas, pelvis, peanuts… Lots of good TV!”

“Penises, perverts, poo, ping pong.”

“Trust you to make it dirty.”

“Ping pong is not dirty.”

“It is when you have perverts with penises and poo!”

“Now there’s a porno that hasn’t been made!”

9 Comments on “PiiTV”

  1. haha ptv is an ace idea.

    you’re lucky you didn’t have man flu… that is really bad, often rendering you unable to even play oblivion


  2. Perverts with penises and poo in ONE PLACE!? That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! Where do we sign up!?


    No, really, I am.


  3. I have had a cold too, and I’m way into pointing out how crap it is. Hope you’re feeling better by now.

    Oh, and I’m now viewing this site with the same kind of computer you have, and I’ve taken to using command + to enlarge the text. With 1280 x 800, and only 13 inches to view it all on, it’s just too small. I think Apple tried to cram too many pixels into this thing.


  4. i like what you’re doing. you remind me of my friend @ transcended.net, and her evolution. she kind of introduced me to the blogworld (pre xanga/LJ/myspace) in 2000.

    funny how i’m still not a true blogger. found you from twitter actually! after that whole mexico city thing on ustream, which was pretty crazy cool.

    boogers have the most unique smell if you think about it.

    we had a friend on exchange from perth. he now lives and works in Seattle, WA, for the Man. Gates, that is.


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