Milk, eggs, glasses

I tossed and turned in discomfort last night. An emo stomach virus that has infected my body wanted to go out and have things pierced at 4am instead of sleeping like all the other stomachs do. Upon awakening I did my usual ‘try to check email with blurry eyes’ routine and mistook real email for spam. I reached for my glasses that live on top on my Xbox only to find them missing. After a fruitful search I found them in the fridge next to the milk and informed the boyfriend of my adventures.

“You cannot hold that fact that I put my glasses in the fridge against me.”

“Of course not, because that’s perfectly normal.”

“I think I must have sleep walked.”


“I’m waiting to find the cat in the washing machine or something of that nature.”

“Make sure it’s after you do a load of washing.”

“Of course, she’ll be Napisan fresh.”

3 Comments on “Milk, eggs, glasses”

  1. Welcome to my world. That’s the world where one throws the spoon in the trash can and puts the empty plastic cup of yoghurt in the dishwasher.

    Of course in that world one only realizes it after a few seconds… After having closed the trash can and having walked away a few steps. Nothing beats stopping, thinking “Did I just do what I think I did?”, retracing your steps and discovering that you did indeed do the thing you thought you did.

    It’s pretty funny when you’re alone. It’s less funny when there’s someone in the kitchen staring at you.


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