The Bloggie goes to…

Not me. Again.

This is the third time that I have been nominated for a Bloggie and not won. I feel like Beyonce at the Oscars, having to smile while Jennifer Hudson – who has only been in the industry five minutes – wins everything. Beyonce sits there drinking shots and plotting ways to kill Hudson with spoons and cinnamon. You know that’s how she rolls.

Best quote from the Bloggie IRC: “And the winner of Best GLBT Weblog is… Perez Hilton” to which a random in the channel replies, “Perez Hilton is gay?!?!”

Congratulations to all the winners and all the losers. I cannot wait until next year when I don’t win again.

8 Comments on “The Bloggie goes to…”

  1. When Gizmodo wins best design over Verle’s Blog, and Slashdot wins for lifetime achievement, you know the judges were on crack – so take heart they probably thought the Red Monkey wrote yours.


  2. I actually thought that you won a some point in the past. Take heart, being the Susan Lucci of the Bloggies probably isn’t the worst thing. 🙂


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