Pancake Day

Today is Pancake Day, a day when everyone oils up their pans, beats their batter and makes sugary or savoury pancakey goodness. What do you get if you mash-up Talk Like a Pirate Day with Pancake Day?


Yarr, pirate pancakes me hearties!

4 Comments on “Pancake Day”

  1. they look good. The face on them look how I feel in the morning before coffee lol lol Here in the U.S we have a pan cake house called IHop (international house of pancakes). they have more versions of pancakes that you can ever dream off. You ever heard of it over there?


  2. i wish i had leet pancake skills like that.. all i can do is offend people about eating babies on my blog.

    hmmm… pancake-filled babies…. inneresting… mmmmm


  3. Awesome pancakes. I won this years pancake competition at my friends house, with five plate-fillers downed, lol. Aah good times, how I yearn for Pancake Day!


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