Five Easy Steps

Step 1.

Wake up to find election spam on your doorstep.


Step 2.

Gather up the numerous ‘vote for me or midget bats that fire peanuts from their ass will kill you’ pieces of paper, including duplicates, and fold them up into a neat package.


Step 3.

Write a little note to Mr Graeme Coleman that reads ‘stop being a vote whore’ to express how much you appreciate his election tactics of sending minions to ring your doorbell at 8am and spam your letterbox daily.


Step 4.

Put said note and all pieces of paper into an envelope and mail it back to Mr Graeme Coleman, as you have already voted via postal vote and wish for them to be recycled onto another unsuspecting doorstep or turned into toilet paper.


Step 5.

Blog about it.


9 Comments on “Five Easy Steps”

  1. I love when you do stuff like this! Giving it back to the spammers, telemarketers, politicians, etc. I think this one might be even better than trying to convince the telemarketer to switch to Firefox.


  2. Whenever I’m travelling out and about, I always see these huge signs of some politician and always a comment about like, “Getting the job done”. Well Mr Politician, it’s good to see you’re ‘getting the job done’, but stop wasting taxpayer money to fund your ugly-ass signs kthx.


  3. Ill be a very happy person if the liberals never win a single seat in this country ever again. Heres to Kevin Rudd winning the next election so we can start undoing the damage that Howard has done! and hopefully Australia becomes a republic and Peter Garett becomes our first president!


  4. Whoa, step 5 totally freaked me out for a second. Because, like, how could you take a photo of your post and put it into the post itself? DUDE. COOL.

    Way to go, btw. Imagine how much of that junk went out, just so that creepy old fart and the creepy old farts he works for can have a vague stab at getting more power into their grubby little mitts.


  5. Just think of the poor posties who had to endure days and days of constant letters going to every single household, everyday either a liberal or labor candidate would send a letter saying how good they are and how crap their opponent is.

    Though of course I have no pity left nor should anyone else for the junk mailers and politician helpers who send out the rest of the junk, stuffing letterboxes full of the political junk crap and making the poor posties job just about 100x more harder.

    I might be a bit biased mainly due to me been a postie who had to deal with a by-election this last year (and probably explains why we sent all of our relief posties from our office to Rockingham and Mandurah a couple weeks ago)


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