My Peeps and I

25 Peeps

I have been featured on the site, actually, it’s my tummy and Technorati shirt that has been featured on 25 Peeps. It’s an interesting site where people upload an image accompanied by a URL in hopes of being featured as one of the 25.

Viewer beware, one of the top peeps on the site is not what they seem.


I am now no longer featured on, I graced it’s pages for three whole net days.

7 Comments on “My Peeps and I”

  1. In fact you don’t support the comparison if I have well understand !! You ar’nt enough vulgar ?? It’s a good new may be ??? You ar’nt only a girl!!


  2. 25 peeps is no longer being tended to .It is an abandoned site for 5 months now. So click on who ever you want it makes no one has been added in 6 months and the owner does not respond to e mails


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