Cone of Humiliation

Cone Dog

You have no idea how strong the urge is to decorate her cone with Christmas tinsel, mistletoe, ribbons and flashing lights. Must. Not. Humiliate. Dog.

6 Comments on “Cone of Humiliation”

  1. Hey, clicked on 25peeps to get here. Love the site.

    I had a cone on one of my dogs a few years back. It was hilarious. He used to run into things with it all the time.


  2. Haha! Oh that’s good!

    I “decorated” my parent’s little dog, Angel, when she got ‘s’neutered.’ Because she was still half-looped from the anesthesia and not her uber-hyper self, I painted her toe-nails hot pink, put a bracelet around her neck, and a handkerchief around her back and called it her “saddle.” For a few hours at least, she was my mini-pony.


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