Arbitrary Events

Below is a series of random events which I could have made into a blog entry on their own, but I have been too busy lately to blog about them, so here they are in their raw format for your perusal…

Matt has pre-ordered a Wii and it is by far the most amusing thing to talk about in public. Said to my mother in a line at the post office, “I can’t wait to play with Matt’s Wii (pronounced ‘wee’) in December” she looked at me and said “I know, you’ve told me about Matt’s Wii before” just as everyone in line turned too look at us in disgust, thankfully, there was a young guy behind us in the line that seemed to know know what a Wii was and nodded in acknowledgement. That, or he had some golden stream fetish and was giving me the ‘how you doin’ nod.

My SD memory card for my camera has suddenly passed away. So I am stuck with the minuscule 8MB internal memory on my camera. I had a look around and the cheapest I can find is $29, I also looked on eBay, but they all seemed to be terribly executed replications.

Candy, Matt and I all went to the local Spring Festival fireworks display held on the foreshore last Saturday. The fireworks pre-show entertainment consisted solely of a guy on a boat rapping about god. Quality family entertainment there. Whoever booked him seemed to have a precognitive notion that it was a terrible idea, given that they put said rapper on a boat with water between him and the audience, to protect him from drunks throwing flaming beer bottles or angry emo teenagers from pouting and slapping him. I am fine with religion and people wanting to follow whatever they please, but having a rapper preach to a public audience about repenting from sex and drugs at a family event – and then sugar coating it as entertainment – is not cool.

Twitter is addictive, follow me online or via SMS.

Recently, I went back to my allergy/respiratory specialist and was told that I have to endure more desensitising treatment every three weeks until about March next year, the first round of treatment has helped, but my allergies are still quite bad and I have had a few major reactions to various things. My doctor thinks the treatment will help in the long term. Meanwhile I take antihistamines and steroids if needed to stop the reactions and to keep me out of hospital.

A while ago I dragged Matt to see Devil Wear’s Prada. He was one of the scarcely few men in the cinema who were also dragged by their significant other, but unlike the elderly man in-front of us, Matt didn’t fall asleep and snore loudly during the movie. Matt now owns my soul for going with me, which he’ll probably eBay to pay for Wii games.

Gatorade watermelon chill, where have you been all my life?

Camp has her first stalker. The little girl who called me old lady waits in the same place each day to pat Camp as we walk by and make idle chit-chat with me. Camp is starting to get freaked out and is paranoid that the little girl saves her fur to make a shine in her honour.

9 Comments on “Arbitrary Events”

  1. You had me laughing for ten minuets with you mothers comment at the post office lol lol LMAO….

    really Go mom Go!! lol They must have really thought you was a strange family… your mom playing with Matt’s wii and you telling your mom all about his wiii lol go going.

    Dan M. Maine USA


  2. Lol at the wii! At least I know how it’s pronounced though!
    And argh at the allergies! Is it all annoying stuff like lactose and wheat and grass? (you’ve probably written more about it before…).

    Now, what is this Spring Festival and Fireworks, and why didn’t I know about it??! I’m supposed to know about all of these kinds of events in Perth! (which is quite impossible because there isn’t one good event calendar out there! But I trawl through the council websites for peets sake!)
    Argh, can you tell I’m getting frustrated with so many events in Perth! Ha, and there’s people out there complaining nothing happens in Perth, lol! (though ok, if a guy rapping about religion is called entertainment, than I would have to agree!)


  3. “a guy on a boat rapping about god” This sounds terrifing! I’m glad everyone is okay.

    So it is Spring there…I’m glad it is Spring for someone. 🙂

    Wii [‘how you doin’ nod.]


  4. Rockingham is a strangely evangelical little town, isn’t it? Even my cousin has joined the River of Life (because they have the best house band). Would have died to see the dude rapping about god on the boat tho. How awesomely inappropriate.


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