Five Minutes

Things that a horde of drunken partygoers at my neighbours house have said in the last five minutes…

“Fucking whoreeeeeeeee.”
“Noooo, set it on fire!”
“You have to make it bigger.”
“Noooooooo… fuck yeah!”
“That cocksucker!”
“And then she wanted to go get pizza.”
“Eat the dog! Eat it! Eat it!”
“It’s an orange.”
“Weeeeeeee are the championsssssss my frienddddddsssss and we’ll keep on fuckingggg till the enddddddd.”

I would love to know what this stimulating conversation is regarding.

9 Comments on “Five Minutes”

  1. Hey, thanks for that Twitter invite thingy. Pretty damn funny, innit?

    Personally, I have a hunch they’re discussing divergent interpretations of sublimated trauma in the later work of Proust, but Keg might still be right.


  2. The social ramifications of imposing neo-capitalist ethics on a third-world neo-despotic society?

    It boggles the mind. Mine certainly is. Boggled, I mean.


  3. I think they were grilling hot dogs some shelia didn’t have faith and wanted to order a pizza, they were getting desperate and were about to eat the dogs raw when they got the fire going and made it bigger. success! which always means it’s time to sing songs by queen. 🙂


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